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Finally Single (and no, I’m talking about myself)

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be on my way to Beau Monde with Date #7 this time next week.  He doesn’t know it yet, but the berry and nutella crepe from Beau Monde is my all-time-favorite non-school day breakfast.  (After Jiffy Blueberry Pancakes with artificial blueberries, of course.)

Granted, my egregious taste in pancakes is not the real issue here.  The real issue is the fact that the man from across the state is coming to visit and for the first time since we met back in June, he’ll actually be at liberty to…

He won’t have to worry about…


Well folks, he’ll be single.

That’s right: single.

Did I fail to mention that he’d been seeing someone else?


I tend to ignore the important details when they’re not to my liking.

Besides, I knew he was dating—he freakin’ pocket called me when he was out with another woman!   I just didn’t know he was dating dating (as in seeing one particular person for an extended period of time).

But now he’s single.  And now I know why he didn’t bother to cook me a proper meal when I came out to Pittsburgh in August: he wasn’t trying to woo me.  He was just trying to get to know me.

In an ideal world, he’d have clued me in a little sooner (perhaps when I mustered the courage to tell him about the recent developments in my love life?) but nobody’s perfect—and everyone deserves a second chance, right?

(Of course, it will be his third, but you know what they say: third time’s a charm.)

10 Responses to “Finally Single (and no, I’m talking about myself)”

  1. shoutabyss

    Once, back when I was dating, I had a woman tell me she was “totally” single. After a date and running that through the universal translator, that turned out to be: married, husband in prison, and she hadn’t filed for divorce yet. 🙂

    I never saw her again.

    Good luck with date #7!

  2. Ashley

    Well that’s interesting. So, he’ll probably “get to know” other women when he decides to start “dating” you?

    • Zak

      Maybe I can clarify: you deserve someone who will treat you right, and not letting you know all about that is/was his way of playing the field. When would he have told you if it did work out with the other girl. When will he break it off for you with another girl from Ohio who he’s just getting to know?

  3. Kat Richter

    Have you been talking to Date #6? 😉 The truth is, he DID tell me… he told me when we first met and we agreed then that it was too soon to embark upon an exclusive relationship. I do, of course, share your concerns but he’s apologized about a hundred times and when I told him “Actions speak louder than words,” he announced he was coming to Philadelphia… so yes, your opinion counts, but I’m going to ignore it for the next week or so 🙂 (You can, however, reserve the right to say “I told you so!” depending on how things go…)

    • Zak

      I don’t say “I told you so,” because being right so often it gets old 🙂

      You are free to do as you please, and CLEARLY I have less information than you regarding the subject. I suppose, a day later, I meant to say:

      “Be careful, Kat. Have fun, too.”

  4. Landlord

    He kinda told you and then got kinda irritated when you (after all of this convo) told him about other developments, so I’m saying keep your guard up–wants cake and eat it too? hmmm…veddy interesting…


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