Must Do Lifts

I’m late. After a weekend in upstate New York, a sixteen-hour work day and the launch of the Philly Tap Jam, I came home to discover that I’d missed something rather important: this morning’s blog post.

(What? Did you think I was pregnant? Perish the thought! Contrary to popular belief, Date #6 and I did not sleep together. As such, it would seem that we’ll be able to remain friends, and I certainly hope we will because we’re slotted to go to a hockey game together on Thursday night and I don’t know enough about hockey to feign an interest in the score.)

Getting back to this weekend, the entire Richter clan headed up to Poughkeepsie for the wedding of a family friend who, oddly enough, met her new husband online.

(MySpace, granted, as opposed to, but still…)

Tech Support, Landlord, Chauffeur and Me

I’d been starting to feel pretty dejected about my own marital prospects (it’s been almost two years since I’ve had a proper boyfriend) and figured that eventually I’d have to settle for some half-witted, dual left-footed dingbat who occasionally makes me smile, but then the bride and groom hit the floor for their first dance and OMG.

They did lifts.

Not one but two.

Properly executed, gorgeous, Disney princess-style lifts (to the theme song from the animated film “Anastasia” no less). The groom had never even danced before but he learned because he knew it was important to her.

Was I a bit jealous sitting there on the sidelines with my brother?

No way.

I was a LOT jealous. So jealous in fact that I’ve added “must (be willing to try to learn to) do lifts” to my list of Essential Qualities.   Who’s with me?

14 Responses to “Must Do Lifts”

  1. Landlord

    ahem, I think it was actually 3 lifts 😉 But you have to talk/write about the really COOL part at some point…

  2. bloglvr

    This post brought tears to my eyes! (ok..we are all aware that it is not that hard to do these days!) yes, it was three lifts, and huge Props to Brian for doing this! what is it about my darling daughter that makes her so dang persuasive??? Bridal shower at home…no (yes, it happened), rehearsal dinner at home…no (yes, it happened), first dance with lifts (i had no say in this one, but obviously it was a yes in the end!), family crazy dance rather than the typical father/daughter dance…no (yes, it happened). It’s a good thing she’s cute!!!

    We had such a GREAT time w/ y’all! thanks for coming!!!

  3. Kara

    Haha! Kat this is adorable! Glad we could give another item to add to your checklist 🙂
    And Kat was right… 2 lifts, not 3. And great pic of the dip!
    SOOO glad you were all able to make it. It was wonderful to see you all. We need to get together more!
    Love ya!!

    • Landlord

      We were in Poughkeepsie not Kingston, and came up late Saturday as the wedding was noon on Sunday, left right after, I was DD so everyone who had to work the next day could sleep on the way home…not much time for anything else ;(

  4. Philly Tap Teaser

    Incidentally, I’ve heard from friends that ballroom dancing is the best form of couples’ therapy available. So maybe this kind of ‘lifting’ is essential to marriage. 🙂

    Personally, I prefer someone who lifts heavy things and carries my bags for me. I continue to set feminism back about 100 years.

  5. Jenn (MOH)

    I cried at their dance. Not gonna lie. Not that me crying was a rare feature at this wedding lol

  6. Brazilian

    How do I do this? or, can you do it? I’ve never placed anything on you tube.

  7. Jess Killmenow

    You are doing great work, keep it up, please.

    Could we have the full list of prerequisites to being a candidate for the hand of Ms. Kat Richter? The list is getting rather long by now, I would think…

  8. kortni24

    I heard from the MOH that the best part is now up on youtube… I didn’t even have to BE at that wedding to have it make me cry/know what the best parts were 😉
    (though I heard that Kara and Brian were beautiful and the pictures proved it!)

  9. She Just Happened « Slow Down, Son

    […] few months had passed and as I was just strolling along from my work building to a shop I support, reading Kat’s blog about her friend meeting her husband on MySpace, I realized: I just haven’t been interested in checking dating sites since I […]


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