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It’s Not Romantic- It’s Agonizing

lettersSo, what’s with Date #7?  I’m kind of wondering the same thing.  It’s been almost three weeks since we first met and until very recently, we hadn’t even spoken.  Granted there were the 80 text messages exchanged over the course of a few minutes last week (and no I’m no exaggerating) and oh yeah—that minor love letter, plus the literary masterpiece I attempted to compose in response, but I hadn’t actually heard his voice for ages.

This is because another voice—a little voice inside my head—kept telling me “Give the man some space.  You’re both freaked out.  Do NOT pick up the phone.”

(Unless of course he calls you, in which picking up the phone is totally permissible.)

So he did, and I did, and we spoke for the first time since we met last month.

Unfortunately, for all of my dating “expertise” I turn into a bumbling five year old the minute a man calls me on the phone.

And I don’t mean in the cute, giggly way.  I mean in the “I have an eight-word vocabulary” way.

My first thought was that he’d received my letter and that he was calling to tell me how much he loved it.  My second thought was that he’d received my letter and that he was calling to tell me to how much he hated it

But he had yet to even read my letter.  He was calling to just to call, which means my letter has been sitting on the floor of his apartment for an entire week while he’s been on vacation.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to have poured your heart out into a fair-trade, handmade envelope and mail it across the state only to have said envelope spend a week collecting dust on someone’s floor?  (And while we’re on the subject, do you have any idea how hard it is to figure out what to blog about in the meantime?)

I’m stuck in relationship limbo here.  I know he likes me— he’s told me so himself— but while he’s spent the past week relaxing at the beach and texting me photographs of the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve been losing my mind (as evidenced by today’s attempt to boil water without first putting a lid in the pot).

Now I know why all the star-crossed lovers of ages past usually ended up killing themselves.  Love letters are romantic and all but the wait is agonizing.  In fact Romeo and Juliet would probably still be with us if they’d had email.

8 Responses to “It’s Not Romantic- It’s Agonizing”

  1. Nicole Basaraba

    Rest easy dear Kat, if the man is sending you photos while on vacation that is a VERY good sign. That means he’s thinking about you while on vacation, most likely wishing you were with him on vacation AND its much much better to receive a phone call than a letter in return. I see no limbo…HE LIKES YOU! 🙂

  2. Jack

    Yes, I have observed that you seem ever so slightly on edge with this. For the first time reading your blog posts I have spotted mistakes, 3 no less.

    As Nicole said, that he is sending you pictures on holiday, indicates his desire to share his experiences with you, involving you in the moment. Very romantic indeed! (Swoons)

  3. Dennis Hong

    What?!? I’ve NEVER boiled water with a lid on the pot. That lid gets damned hot when the water’s boiling under it, ya know? 🙂

  4. Lincoln

    Ok, Kat, I can’t whack you upside the head since I don’k know where you live… and it’s incredibly rude to hit random strangers in any event, but…

    a) He texted you pictures. While on vacation. Ergo, he was thinking of you.
    b) He called you when he got home. Before he read your letter. Ergo, he was thinking of you. (Buy-One-Get-One Bonus: He also -WASN’T- calling out of some sense of obligation in response to your letter. Thus it was a free-will call)
    c) You’re suposed to boil water with a lid? (Disclaimer: Most of my attempts at “cooking” have been declared environmental disasters by the EPA. I walk to dinner a lot.)

    Stop stressing about it.

    He likes you. You like him.

    It’s your turn to visit him. Even though Philly is infinitely nicer than Pittsburgh.

  5. Lost in France

    We have been spoilt by the age of instant communication. emails, texts, mobile phones.
    However best things in life truely are worth waiting for.
    I can imagine yo at Christmas pestering your Mum and Dad to allow yuo to open your presents early.

  6. Pat Amsden

    Ah, the joy of romance! Have you ever noticed that love stories only have a happily ever after at the end? To get there the couple have to go through major stress. This is just part of getting to your happily ever after – or at least happy for now. Imagine what it must’ve been like for WW2 lovers, or really any war. First you say goodbye and then you have to worry about what’s happening over there with very limited to no letters or other forms of communication. I couldn’t take it!

  7. Tech Support

    Atleast you didn’t put the electric kettle on the stove like landlord.

    That’s why this old school mailing is lame. If you e-mailed him the letter he’d be reading it by now.


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