Writing left handed

Just Another (Writing) Wednesday

6:30am Sh*t! I’ve overslept!  I’ve got classes to teach!

6:35am Right.  It’s summer vacation.  Back to sleep…

7:00am I really wish Date #7 was here right now.

7:05am I really, really wish Date #7 was here right now.

7:06am I wonder if he’s gotten my letter yet?

7:07am Of course not.  He’s still on vacation.  At the beach.

7:08am I wish I was on vacation.  At the beach.  With Date #7.  Except I only have the one bikini, and the boob padding always ends up all bunched up and weird looking.  Maybe I should remove the boob padding… except then my boobs look even smaller.  It’s probably a good thing I’m not at the beach with Date #7.

7:10am Hmmm… I wonder what time I set my alarm for?  7:30 maybe?

7:20am I should get up and do some yoga.

7:25am I should NOT get up and do some yoga!  I am on summer break and supposed to be SLEEPING!

7:30am Stupid alarm.

7:35am  Stupid, stupid alarm.

7:40am Five more minutes.

7:45am NO!  NO MORE MINUTES!!! Get up, get up, GET UP!

7:45-8:00am Owwww! [Yoga]

8:00-8:15am Ahhhh… [Shower]

8:15-8:59am Look at me!  Look at how productive I’m being!  Blog post done!  Breakfast eaten!  New secondhand skirt ironed!  Top Secret Project schedule written up in color coordinated dry-erase markers in newly re-organized workspace, all ready to go. Wooohoo!

9:02am Shit!  I’m two minutes late to work.  Two minutes late to work at MY OWN DESK.  How do I DO that?

9:03am It’s okay.  It’s only two minutes… three now, actually.  Which makes me wonder: is Date #7 awake yet?  Is he a morning person?  And if he is awake, is he thinking about….

9:04am ENOUGH!

9:04am-3:48pm Arghhhhh! [Writing… an entirely different sort of pain than yoga]

And now, for today’s question: what time of day do you like to do your blog reading?  Morning or evening?  (And if its in the morning, does it bug you when I’m late in posting?)

13 Responses to “Just Another (Writing) Wednesday”

  1. Jenn

    I read in the morning! I love when you post before I’m in lab, but it doesn’t bug me when you post a bit late because I generally have time to check my computer during the day anyway. 🙂

  2. Jess

    On work days, I usually read in the morning. It serves as a good break/incentive when my motivation starts to evaporate. It doesn’t bother me if you’re late posting. I just check my email again later. On non-work days, I usually get to my email, and your post, much later in the day.

  3. Brazilian

    In the morning, as part of my “get ready for work” routine. It helps me to face the obstacles of work with a smile. It does not bother me if it is “late”, I just ready it when it gets posted. Although, I have to say that I also enjoy reading the responses from various people. I find it fascinating how some folks don’t get your humor and take things too seriously. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to read one of your books.

  4. Katie

    I mostly read mine in the morning, over coffee. Frequently, you’re the only one who’s already posted by that time of the morning, and I’m reading everyone else’s stuff from yesterday. (Also, to answer your post from yesterday, I have no preference about length — I feel it’s good to change it up.)

    By the way, I look at your 8:15 – 8:59 part of the day, and I realize it takes me about 4 hours to do the same thing (and walk my dogs). Here’s a post for you: teach me how to be more efficient!!!

    • Catherine

      Dude you and me both, Katie! A blog post, from start to finish, takes at least an hour and a half for me. I usually write at night, i just love my sleep in the morning. I schedule mine to go out at 8:30, although they were usually written the night before. I need Kat’s efficiency lesson too!!
      Oh and I need to stop taking an hour and 15 minutes to get ready every day… that’s a huge time suck!
      Oh…. LOL… I haven’t answered Kat’s question. I don’t care when you post, I read everything in a Google Reader. I get it when I have time to read it, and you write faster than I can read so I usually catch up on like 4-5 posts at a time.

  5. amanda

    i usually read first thing in the morning or on my lunch break (or really, just after my lunch break). since i’m on the west coast and thus three hours behind you, if you’re late in posting in the morning i don’t notice.

    how can you subject yourself to…what was it, almost 7 hours of writing? i barely manage two or three on a good day!

  6. MyDatingRx

    I always read your blog while I’m eating breakfast, and even if you’re late, it doesn’t bother me too much because you’re three hours ahead of me. 🙂

  7. girlinblues

    First of all: great post!

    And to answer your question: I live in Europe, so everything you write “in the morning” is my in the afternoon and I like it that way. I know, that everytime I’m back from work, your post is waiting there for me and I usually read it while preparing dinner. So don”t change to later in the day because that would mean that I would sometimes miss your post until next day if I was for example going out or doing something else in the evening that doesn’t involve internet.

  8. Lost in France

    Is that really how your mind woks?
    Anyway different time zone, and working nights, so morning, night and all that gets a bit screwed up.
    Just look forward to reading your posts when ever they appear.

  9. Kara

    I read in the morning too 🙂 and by golly, it makes me infuriated when you post late! JK!

  10. Jess Killmenow

    I like getting your posts by email. I can generally read them when they come in, anytime during the day. I had recently noticed that I get them in the morning, but if I am short on time I can read them later.

    I prefer posts under 600 words, single spaced, with punctuation where appropriate. I wouldn’t mind if you proofread a little more thoroughly. Sigh.

    Your style is engaging, and I like your posts about teaching, your past, and your educational adventures as much as your posts about dating.

  11. Rachel

    Almost always in the morning, and I extend grace when you are late – I’ll take what I can get!


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