I’ve Been Blogged!

Brian Mengini

Business as usual...

Whoops!  I got so wrapped in preparing for Date #7’s visit (and trying to pretend that I wasn’t actually doing anything to prepare for it) that I completely forgot to write about my photo shoot with dance photographer Brian Mengini!

Photo shoots make for excellent blogging—I mean seriously, what’s more egocentric than an afternoon spent posing in front of an expensive camera?  It’s all me, ME, MEEEE!!!  Except when I attempt to do my “sexy” look, it which case it’s more “Aghh!  My eyes!!!  Make it stop!”

(My “sexy” look, for those of you yet to be inflicted, is about as sexy as my wink, and my wink is rather… epileptic.  I can’t wink with just one eye, which basically defeats the entire purpose of winking, and blinking, I’ve since learned, isn’t nearly as come-hither as I’d previously imagined.)

Unfortunately Brian’s already beaten me to the punch so you’ll have to head on over to Artistry in Motion for the full scoop on my second shoot (including his neighbor’s rather surprising reaction to my tap dancing) and a sneak peak at the results.  (Also, if you missed my post on the shoot Brian did for me and my co-producer earlier this year and/or you’ve always wondered what its like to be a stripper and/or supermodel, click here).

Now, getting back to today’s topic, shall we?

Right—I haven’t told you today’s topic yet.  This is because it’s going to require a bit of audience participation.

I’ve taken all of your comments into advisement and I’ve also resolved to stopped making resolutions (or, at the very least, to stop blogging about them).  But I still need some help.  I’m launching a new top secret project for which the growth of my blog is rather important—paramount, even—so I’m going to spend the rest of the week trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work.

Don’t worry: this doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop talking relationships (especially as Date #7’s taken to sending me scandalous text messages again…) it just means that I’m going to pair each of this week’s posts with a question.

Something along the lines of:

Do you prefer longer posts, like the ones I used to write before I quit my day job (such as this one)?  Or do you like your daily-dose-of-Kat short and sweet (like this one?)

Comment below.  (Preferably, you should write your comment in the form of an answer to the aforementioned question but I know I’ve got some non-conformists out there so if you’d rather offer an erudite elucidation on the subject of… I dunno… the state of nature, as described by Thomas Hobbes, go for it.  I might even read it.)

9 Responses to “I’ve Been Blogged!”

  1. siobhan

    I like the longer ones Kat. and I know there’s a whole heap of British quakers who rad them every day and like the break from work/study! so don’t cut them down too much…:-) xxx

  2. Hannah J. Holmes

    I enjoy your long posts, but for blog reading, I usually like things to be lighter (but only because my eyes get tired from the computer screen (which I seem to stare at all day, anyways!) — but definitely do not throw out the long posts all together, as that would be sad! I tend to think that the best blogs frequent lighter posts but toss in something of more substance here and there, perhaps once a week or so. Anyways, that’s my opinion, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be great 🙂

  3. Hannah J. Holmes

    oh, and I just checked out the results of your photo shoot and you are a beautiful dancer! This is probably going to sound ridiculously uninformed, but I didn’t know that there were jumps in tap dancing! I thought jumps were only for modern and ballet and such. Silly me.

  4. Megan

    You’re a talented (and highly entertaining) writer, so I love getting long blogs in my inbox, but post too many in a row and I’m likely to get a bit overwhelmed. I agree with the other comments; a good mix is your best bet!

  5. Catherine

    If it’s a daily blog, I personally prefer shorter posts and maybe one long one a week. It becomes almost too large of a commitment if it’s longer posts each day. My favorite format is probably 2 long posts a week, total. But everyone has different reading styles and number of blogs they read, so it’s whatever works best for you and keeps you writing and telling your awesome stories! PS, just caught up on Date #7…you have a knack for not telling everything, but seriously making me feel like I’m right in your mind. Hope everything works out the way it’s supposed to (which means it could go either way, haha, as long as you end up happy!).

  6. Zak

    I liked the post length of late, which I guess means the shorter posts. I feel like you don’t need the length to convey the story (and I don’t have a ton of time usually), but I enjoy your writing immensely (as I’ve offered before) and would love to keep reading whatever you write, as long as it’s in your witty style.

  7. Pat Amsden

    How about a combination of short and long? Some subjects will appeal to you more so writing a longer post will be easy. Give us a shorter one in between.


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