About That Phone Call

  1. Girl excitedHe’s coming.
  2. He was in the hospital over the weekend (hence the lack of communication).
  3. He’s booked a hotel halfway between my place his brother’s (so as not to inconvenience my parents or force me into play hostess all weekend) and will be arriving sometime Friday afternoon.
  4. I managed not to cry during my preschoolers’ end-of-the-year concert yesterday.
  5. My boss did not fire me.

More tomorrow.

3 Responses to “About That Phone Call”

  1. Brazilian

    I think that if your boss had fired you, there would have been a million people march to that school in protest, by your loyal readers. (OK, maybe not a million, but definitely a few hundred).

  2. Lost in France

    He sounds like a very considerate man.
    Gives you both the chance for a little space if it should be needed.

  3. stevesw

    You deserve an ‘A’ for jumping through hoops yourself and maxing your school days adventures, and the hotel booking is a plus for him.


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