Sophisticated Elegance

After spending the entire weekend seated in a darkened high school auditorium, I think my eyes are finally begin to adjust to the light again.  At yesterday’s competition, my girls took High Gold (not to be confused with regular gold), Platinum (not to be confused with High Gold), High Score in the teen tap division (and for the first time, they actually said some real competition, thanks to a friend and fellow rhythm tapper who choreographs for a studio from Delaware) and—my personal favorite—the Sophisticated Elegance award.

When I headed back to the dressing rooms to congratulate them, they were standing on top of the cafeteria tables in their bras, singing at the top of their lungs—the very picture of sophisticated elegance.

But speaking of all things elegant (like that segue there?) I’ve just finished a new post over at Too Darn Hot.  While you’re there, take a look at the images from our photo shoot last weekend if you haven’t already because they are truly sophisticated.  (At least, as sophisticated as one can be in fishnets and sequined booty shorts.)

And on that note, rest assured: the blogging about my personal life will resume tomorrow.  Seeing as I won’t be spending the next 48-hours chasing my students around backstage, I can assure you: there will have been some developments by then.

5 Responses to “Sophisticated Elegance”

  1. mairedubhtx

    Congratulations on your girls and their awards. You must be so proud of what you have accomplished with them.

  2. Zak

    So, for those of us unfamiliar with the order in which golds and platinums are given out, would you enlighten us?

    • Kat Richter

      Oh Zak– it is SOOO ridiculous. Back when I was in the competition circuit as a STUDENT gold, silver and bronze were good enough for us. But now everything has to be bigger and better so essentially third place/bronze medal is now GOLD, 2nd place/silver medal is now HIGH GOLD and 1st place/gold medal is now PLATINUM.

      • Jill

        That is ridiculous. Gold, silver and bronze are still good enough for the Olympics, for crying out loud.

  3. Landlord

    Oh Zak, the complete subjectivity with which dance competition awards are handed out would spin your head around, LOL. Although to be fair they usually do try to award them somewhat honestly, but each comp has different criteria, judges who may be well rounded or not (esp. w/ tap) and each comp has different ways to name their “prizes” as well as all of the accompanying hoopla awards. This “standard” is just an example of that–but I’ll let Kat explain further, as we heard this all second hand from a very weary Kat last night.


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