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The Craziest Girl on Match.com

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Alright folks: here it is.  My new profile.  The one that’s gonna send all the boys… well, to be honest, it will probably send them running in the opposite direction but life’s a gamble, especially when you’re gambling for a GREAT DATE to top all other GREAT DATES on Match.com.

And so, without further ado:

Let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we?  As a writer (and former relationship columnist), I’ve been on 49 dates since last August.  If you think this is a bit abnormal, you’re right: it is.  I have nothing to say for myself except that I’m quirky: I’m just as happy in hiking boots as I am in high heels.  I did my graduate work in anthropology and I find people (men in particular) endlessly fascinating.

So, here’s where you come in.  After 49 dates, I’m feeling a bit jaded.  I’ve been wined and dined and subsequently disappointed in some of Philadelphia’s finest establishments.  It’s not that I’m a snob—I know nothing about wine except that I like Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck—but I’m looking for something special for my 50th date. 

As far as you’re concerned, I’m looking for confidence, genuine spontaneity, compassion, sarcasm, wit and manners (all with the requisite “bad boy” edge, of course).  Bonus points if you like to travel, if you lean slightly left of center and if you don’t take yourself too seriously.

One caveat: I do write a blog about dating but only though a rather complicated process of pseudonyms and self-deprecating humor so your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to propose a first date that will blow my previous 49 dates out of the water.

And now, since today’s post was a bit of a cop out, I have another one for ya.  Click here and enjoy!

9 Responses to “The Craziest Girl on Match.com”

  1. Dennis Hong

    Since, as you pointed out yesterday, guys don’t do subtle….

    Yikes, Kat! Are you trying to make sure you never get that 50th date?

    • Kat Richter

      Shoot! You’ve foiled my plans: I WAS hoping this woud scare ’em away, this way I could finally stop dating, lol! (J/k)

      • Renee Davies

        I’ll think you’ll get a great date from this great post, Kat. Some guys have a ton of confidence 🙂 Have fun when you do!

  2. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Hmm.. This might inspire the over-confident but I guess humility isn’t what you’re looking for this time ’round! Really looking forward to seeing how this develops! Also, good for you posting every day – I would really miss it if you went on a break 🙂

  3. Carl

    “As far as you’re concerned, I’m looking for confidence, genuine spontaneity, compassion, sarcasm, wit and manners (all with the requisite “bad boy” edge, of course)”

    I believe that the concept in parenthesis is juxtaposed against the other characteristics that you have mentioned. Someone who is a “bad boy”, as it were, or who has a bad boy edge from my experience is not going to have spectacular manners, Or show oodles of compassion, even if they might have some. You have created quite a laundry list of criteria for this extra special 50th date, and I am not sure that any of said criteria will actually get you this “dream guy” that you have layed out in your mind. As has been previously mentioned, this bold and direct statement of what you want will turn-off some of the men. For some of us, myself included, I find it refreshing and attractive. There are a plethora of factors that determine whether or not a date is “good” or it degree of goodness, that I am nto convinced that dates with different people, to different places can accurately be compared to each other.

  4. Ted

    Oh the anticipation to read what you write about #50.

    As an aside, Trader Joe’s two buck chucks are awesome.

  5. lifebeginsat30ty

    I’d like to meet the guy who could get up the cajones to respond to this too! In a platonic blog-reading way of course. Hence why I’m here 🙂


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