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Another Scavenger Hunt!

It’s Scavenger Hunt Thursday here at After I Quit My Day Job.  In other words, my newest column will be up later today and I’ve had neither the time nor brain cells to write anything else.  As such, you’ll have to find another source of amusement between now and 4:00pm (sorry!) but perhaps you’ll enjoy one of the lovely blogs listed in my blogroll?  (Or, if you’re new to my online dating shenanigans, you take this time to get caught up on my first and second columns.)

At 4:00 (or thereabouts) you can click here for the full scoop on my date with the Norwegian and a rare pre-date photo from Saturday night’s salsa date.

Be sure to leave a comment over at AOL’s City’s Best and wish me luck for tonight’s date: there’s a dress code involved!

3 Responses to “Another Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. Zak

    Good luck on tonight’s date. Somehow I don’t see you needing to worry about a dresscode…

    Looking forward to the article on City’s Best.


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