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Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition

Welcome to the new and improved After I Quit My Day Job!  (If you’re reading this post as an email, come on over to the actual site because— not that I’m biased or anything— but it looks awesome.)

Today marks the end of February, which in turn marks the end of my first month on the Post-a-day Challenge.  (Sounds like some sort of diet, doesn’t it?)  As you can tell from the nifty calendar feature at the bottom of this page, I’ve managed to publish a new post every day for an entire month!  Granted, I chose the shortest month of the year to get started but if we can all just ignore this fact, that’d be lovely.

So, about all of those new features I promised…

Never, in a million years, did I imagine that I’d end up writing a column—let alone an entire blog—about dating.  And I love it, and presumably most of you love it as well, but I do feel like my non-dating brain cells have been getting a bit neglected these days.  So once a week I’m going to write something to do with politics/current events, similar to post on Islamaphobia that I wrote a few months ago.

Ideally I’m going to do this on Tuesdays (which means I’m going to have to start actually reading the paper again) so don’t worry: you’ll still get the usual dose of dating disasters to enjoy with your coffee on Monday mornings.

Right then.  That’s Mondays and Tuesday sorted.  Wednesdays, I’ve decided, will be about writing.  That is… Wednesday’s will be about writing until I run out of advice to give, at which point I’ll probably just switch over to complaining about my new column.  (Who knew there’d be so much paperwork involved?)

Thursdays will be my usual coffee shop rants (read: I have no idea, really) and Fridays—well folks, I’m really excited about Fridays.  I’m working on a new weekly feature which I’m planning to call “My Single Male Friend” (although I may change this to something more exciting once I manage to get some sleep.  I’m writing this post-Oscar-party and my brain isn’t working quite as well as it does when I’m not drinking champagne.)

Anyway, it recently occurred to me that I have a lot of single male friends—some of whom are quite good looking and unexpectedly eloquent on the subject of relationships.  (I know this because I spend the majority of my afternoons Facebook chatting with them).  Several have agreed to let me interview them for After I Quit My Day Job and—even better—to tell the stories of how we met and why we’re not actually dating.  I’m particularly excited for this Friday’s eligible bachelor (he’s even agreed to let me post his photograph and, well ladies, he’s rather easy on the eyes.)

Saturdays and Sundays will be whatever-I-feel-like and—ooh!  I almost forgot!  I’m also going to be posting a photo of the week, not because I’m a particularly skilled photographer but because I’m tired of posting Google-searched images of M&Ms and nineteenth-century novelists and need something to do with the hundreds of travel photos I’ve amassed over the years.

So, have a look around, click on my way-cool-widgets (if only because it took me nearly four hours to set them up) and have a very happy Monday, folks!



13 Responses to “Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition”

  1. Landlord

    Oscar Party–we love Colin Firth! Oh, wait, that wasn’t really what this blog was about–but still excited that “The King’s Speech” won, what can I say?

  2. Katie

    I love the new design, Kat! I’ve been thinking of redoing my header. Did you design your own?

    Sounds like you have some really exciting things going on right now. And something tells me that while I’m going to be anxiously awaiting your Wednesday posts, Fridays are about to start getting very popular around here. 😉

    • Kat Richter

      Thanks! I did indeed design my own header. It took me nearly 8 hours (because I don’t have Photoshop and, okay, because I’m a bit OCD as well) but I’m rather fond of it 🙂 And yes, I’m looking forward to Fridays as well!

  3. Zak

    I definitely like the new look. I like that you’ve themed out your days, too. I had some ideas for mine, but never stick to it for more than two weeks in a row. Feel free to borrow if you’d like… Hum Drum Mondays, Tunesday, Wacky Wednesday (although I like your writing column better), Top Ten Thursday, Frickin’ Friday and Saturday a-palooza. I know, silly, but hey, if I somehow inspire you, all the better.

    Again, love the new look and glad you’re finding so much success lately.

      • Catherine

        Aww, thank you! I think it’s awesome you designed the header yourself – I couldn’t even imagine doing that. I had to bribe my graphic designer friend with free Thai food and lots of thank you’s 🙂
        Anyway, so glad to see everything coming together for you! You are a great writer!

  4. Marge Katherine Mercurio

    Hi Kat,
    What a great outline you have planned for the next 10 months! Excellent organization will take the stress off “what do I post today?”

    Good luck with it all. I’ll subscribe so I can follow your progress!

  5. petitepaumee

    Looking good, my dear! love the header and the whole new look. But most of all, the thematic days, I think that will be really interesting for you and for all of us faithful readers 🙂


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