Writing left handed

A Column(ist) is Born!

Did I mention that I’ll be getting paid to date this time around?

My dad’s always said “Figure out what it is that you love and then figure out how to make a living at it.”  Well, I love men.  I love shoes.  I love getting dressed up and as those of you reading this know, I love to date.  As far as I can tell, there are two and only two ways to turn these sorts of “interests” into some form of gainful employment.

I could become an escort—a high priced call girl, if you will—or I could write a column.

I’m not sure that this was exactly what my dad had in mind—writing a bi-weekly column about online dating is a far cry from proper Pulitzer-worthy journalism—but it’s still pretty damn exciting.  Plus, the only thing I enjoy more than writing about myself is writing about myself when I’m wearing heels and heading out to meet some handsome stranger in yet another fancy restaurant.

So I’m going back on Match.com (thank God! eHarmony is the pits) and for the sake of my new column, I’ll be registering for Zoosk, Plenty of Fish and OkCupid as well.  I’ll be dusting off my old spreadsheet, updating my profiles and yes, I might even allow myself a new pair of stilettos to mark the occasion (although I did institute a shoe-buying moratorium after my last Nine West binge).

My column will be published every other Thursday afternoon at AOL City’s Best (check out the first installment!)  And, if you like me or like laughing at/with me every morning while you drink your coffee, please comment directly on my column so that the folks over at City’s Best will know that I really am the next Carrie Bradshaw, albeit slightly smarter (I like to think) and not nearly as promiscuous as the SATC heroine.

Of course I’ll still be providing the full scoop, on a daily basis, right here at the soon-to-be-new-and-improved After I Quit My Day Job, so stay tuned, folks.  It’s about to get interesting!

PS: If you’ve ended up way here by way of City’s Best, welcome!  Check out the rest of the story from the beginning and enjoy!

17 Responses to “A Column(ist) is Born!”

  1. Landlord

    doing the happy dance~I am thinking of renaming myself as “your publicist”–sounds classier

  2. Pat Amsden


    I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your work? And really what could be better – dating and shoes?


  3. Jess Killmenow

    Your creativity is bringing you success! So wonderful.

    The most interesting thing about your dating experiment (from this reader’s POV) was your self discovery. You saw some of your preconceptions challenged and had many new experiences. In addition to being highly entertaining, it was heart warming to literally watch you grow through the experience. It is rare that a writer brings such openness and insight (at the same time!) to an endeavor such as this.

  4. wordofsoia

    CONGRATS!! Awesome news. Also I cant wait to read all the exciting tales, double bonus is that youve done it once and now you might even ace it this time 🙂

  5. wordofsoia

    Ummm Just quickly – Went and checked out City Best – Under Best Lifestyle in Philly it had a subheading of ……. Wait for it …….

    Best Places to Break Up.
    These included the following :
    Philadelphia Museum of Art ( Number 1 Break Up Place)
    Max Brenner,
    Woolly Mammoth,
    Dirty Frank’s.
    The Franklin Institute, and a few more.
    So my advice is this – If any of the potential dates after a few decided they want to go to any of the above ….
    Tell ’em you will take a raincheck.

    Im now off to see where the best break up places are here in Oz – I may need one this week.

    • Kat Richter

      I know, crazy right??? I came across these last week and thought REALLY? And XIX would be a terrible place to break up (it’s on the 19th floor, complete with a balcony).


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