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How to Make Marzipan Easter Eggs (and still catch your flight)

I don’t like to cook but I love to bake. I especially love to bake ridiculous, extremely time consuming things that are super sugary, such as these chocolate covered Marzipan Easter Eggs (which don’t actually involve any baking, but whatever.)

This is relevant today because even though I’ve landed in Iceland, I’m stuck at the airport for another few hours because it’s like 5am. So here’s some chocolatey eye candy to hold you over until I can post some of the waterfalls-and-Northern-Lights eye candy.

chcolate easter eggs

I first made these little guys in London when I was completing my graduate degree (and, as everyone knows, graduate students do really weird things with their time off); they were a big hit at my supervisor’s Easter party and so, when PIC invited me home to his parents’ house for Easter last year, I decided to whip up another batch.

Only you don’t so much whip them as you do painstakingly convince them to yield to your will…

Here’s what you need:

  • Marzipan
  • Chocolate chips (I like white chocolate and dark chocolate)
  • Sprinkles
  • Knife, spoons, cookie sheets, wax paper and a double boiler or two sauce pans
  • Egg carton

May 2015 114

Here’s what you do:

  1. Cut your marzipan into small pieces (you can get between 6-8 eggs out of 7 oz. of Marzipan)
  2. Rolls each piece into an egg-shaped ball (they should be smaller than regular sized eggs because the chocolate and sprinkle coating will cause them to fill out a bit)
  3. Melt your chocolate in a double boiler (be sure not to splash any water inside or you’ll ruin your chocolate)
  4. Dip half of your first egg into the melted chocolate and let it start to cool (patience, grasshopper…)
  5. Dip the egg into a small bowl of sprinkles once the chocolate is almost dry (if you dump out too many sprinkles at once, they’ll get sticky from the chocolate residue and won’t adhere as nicely the next time around)
  6. Hold it until the chocolate and sprinkles are fully set (if you put it down too soon, it will look squished)
  7. Dip the remaining eggs, then repeat the dip-and-sprinkle process on the top half of all of your eggs
  8. Package your eggs in an egg carton once fully hardened

May 2015 116

Cut your marzipan

May 2015 118

7 oz. will yield 6-8 eggs

May 2015 119

Roll each piece into an egg shape

Melt your chocolate

Melt your chocolate

Dip the bottom half of your first egg

Dip the bottom half of your first egg

Disk out a spoonful of sprinkles and dip your first egg

Disk out a spoonful of sprinkles and dip your first egg

This is what happens if you rush...

This is what happens if you rush…

But they look much better once they're in their carton!

But they look much better once they’re in their carton!

Chocolate easter eggs

They look even better if you take your time

chocolate egg carton


This year, I tried a slightly different technique for PIC to take home to his folks on his annual Easter trek home to Long Island:

  Thoughts? (“Kat, these look like sh*t” is a totally acceptable response because I finished them up like an hour before I had to leave for the airport. But the taste? The taste is to die for.)

6 Responses to “How to Make Marzipan Easter Eggs (and still catch your flight)”

  1. Talya

    Here is what I have learned in my years of baking. Usually the stuff that looks like crap TASTES the best. That cake that’s falling apart? That’s called light as air. Slap some frosting on it and call it a day. That cookie that has huge cracks in it? Probably the best one of the bunch. Eat it quickly and pretend that there’s only 11 in a dozen. Those cakes and candies and snacks that look perfect? That perfect outside is probably hiding something old, stale, underdone, overdone, or just plan yuck. Perfection is an illusion. Just like with people.

    Unless it’s one of those high-end luxury bakeries. And that perfect-looking cake is probably perfect. Because that chef has issues. Yummy perfection issues.

    • Kat Richter

      Hah! Well put 🙂 I am definitely with you on the “necessity” of eating whatever didn’t quite come out correctly and pretending it never existed in the first place.


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