Happiness is a Hand Painted Vietnamese Vase

In the very non-wedding words of a dear blogging friend, “Sh*t just got real.”

We received our first wedding gift yesterday.

I knew it had been purchased because the geniuses who designed the wedding registry feature at Ten Thousand Villages decided it would be a good idea to notify couples when someone buys them a present.

(For the record, it is not. It takes all the fun out it.)

I did not know, however, that the gift would arrive so soon. I’m more of a last minute wedding gift giver myself. I knew it’s not polite but when I realized, several years back, that the postage to send a friend’s gift to Puerto Rico would cost more than the gift itself, I decided to buck tradition and have been doing so ever since.

At any rate, a box from Ten Thousand Villages arrived yesterday afternoon and although there was a perfectly good chance that it was something I myself had ordered and forgotten about (this has happened before. More times than I’d like to count actually), the package was addressed to both me and PIC, making it our first bone fide wedding gift.

Being, well, me, I decided we had to commemorate the occasion with drinks and hand holding and waxing poetic about our future wedded bliss. Then I had to open it very carefully so as to not destroy the wrapping paper (which was very pretty and you never know when pretty wrapping paper will come in handy); this, mind you, is rather difficult when your partner is rolling his eyes at you and you feel compelled to remind him of all the great creations you’ve made from things other people would have thrown away and that he’d better get used to it because this is who he’s marrying.

At any rate, it was a lovely little blue and white bud vase: aka the cornerstone of my new kitchen (which exists, at this point, solely in my head). But we all have to start somewhere, right?



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