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The Pope-Pocalypse

It’s almost here: the arrival of Pope Francis in the City the Brotherly Love. And in case you forget, I-95 is just brimming with billboards to welcome him.


This makes me wonder: is Pope Francis, at any point in time, actually going to find himself driving (or being driven) down 95?

And if so, is he going to be driving the Pope Mobile?

And how fast does the Pope Mobile even go? Is that the reason they’re shutting down basically every highway on the Easter Seaboard?

The signs that really crack me up are the ones posted by dinky little churches that no one has ever heard of inviting Pope Francis to come and visit. Like yeah, he’s gonna be rolling down 95 in his Pope Mobile, see a sign and say, “Whoa there, fellows” (he’d say this in Latin of course) “Let’s take a little detour.”

Then his secret service folks (or whatever they’re called) will start freaking out because that means they’ll have to “secure the area” and they’ll all be wishing they could serve a nice, normal Pope: one who wears the red shoes without complaint and doesn’t question capitalism. Or remind us that climate change, actually, is not a political issue (or at least shouldn’t be).


Then again, if any pope was gonna take a detour to visit a tiny little unknown church in North Philly, it would be this one.

Which is why I’m going to stop making fun of the Pope Mobile for a minute and post on final Francis meme on capitalism. Because he is totally, 100% correct.


4 Responses to “The Pope-Pocalypse”

  1. marple25mary

    Not a Catholic, but I adore this Pope! He rocks, and really seems to walk the walk. Now the previous one and his designer red shoes. Not so much. Blech!

    • Kat Richter

      Agreed, he is definitely shaking things up. There was a really interesting interview about him on NPR yesterday and I was amazed by all of the reforms he’s introducing, especially in terms of making the church less Eurocentric and trying to give developing nations more representation amongst the cardinals.

  2. sarahnsh

    I really adore this Pope as well because he hits on all the topics that most would ignore. He fully sees that we are bringing about global warming and we need to take care of this planet. And, of course what your memes point out that the rich get richer while the poor aren’t benefiting from any of it. If there ever was a Pope I wanted to see in the Pope Mobile it’s him! I’m sorry the traffic is going to be horrendous, but I could so see him taking a random trek through local places.

  3. Mary M

    the pope once drove past me in some random side street. We could see the pope mobile coming towards us and got excited, but it was empty and then he sped by in some other car right behind it. Although someone else was driving it. He still gave me a wave.
    This was in Brazil. The same time he stopped to drink things people on the street gave him. My friends were right next to him when he did that.

    I heard america security people are freaking about how he’s going to behave while there, because he does tend to go off and do unexpected things at times.


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