When You Arrive in Hershey But Your Shoes Do Not

Earlier this week, my younger brother (aka Tech Support) celebrated his 28th birthday. Still, there was a time when this sort of thing happened on a fairly regular basis…

Hershey, PA, circa 1998: my mom woke my brother for the start of a family camping trip at the oh-so-ungodly-hour of 6:00am. We were traveling with another family who had two boys, one my age and one my brother’s. We were going to spend the weekend touring Amish country and eating chocolates.


A brief aside: at this time, one of my chief goals in life was to run away and live with the Amish because I was obsessed with history and thought living with the Amish would be just like traveling back in time—the eldest boy of the other family was equally delusional and we were planning to run off together as soon as we arrived.)


But back to my brother. “It’s so early!” he whined.

“You can just roll out of bed, walked outside to the motor home and go to back to sleep,” my mother said.

So my brother did just that.

It wasn’t until we arrived in Hershey, parked the motor home and got ready to start exploring that we realized he hadn’t bothered to put his shoes on and, unlike every other member of our family, didn’t have an extra pair of hiking boots or Tevas (or strappy high heeled sandals just in case) tucked into one of the motor home cabinets.

Moral of the Story? If you’re traveling with teenage boys, make sure your final destination is in close proximity to an outlet mall, preferably one with a shoe store.

6 Responses to “When You Arrive in Hershey But Your Shoes Do Not”

  1. Jerseyite Lurker

    I think you may have a typo in the first line, unless Tech Support also handles your investments in stocks and bonds.

    And, happy birthday, TS.


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