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Downton Abbey: The Price of Good Wine

Okay, don’t kill me but Downton Abbey just isn’t doing it for me this year.

This may be because I don’t have a TV in my new house yet, so my options are:

  1. Stream the newest episode from my computer screen but it’s kind of small and since I don’t have a couch yet either, it’s kind of uncomfortable. Plus there are so many people streaming at 9:00pm that I have to wait a good 30 minutes to get started and if you have mother like mine (who sends frequent mid-episode text messages to register her unrelenting hatred of Mary), this gets a bit troublesome.
  2. Go to my parents’ house. My parents have a nice TV. And a nice couch. And way better wine than me. So this would be the better option. Except for the fact that watching Downton at my parents’ house involves… well… my parents.

I love my parents, I really do, but watching TV with them is like watching TV with a bunch of drunken preschoolers who had too much candy for lunch.


Mom: I hate Mary! I hope Mary gets hit by a car!

Dad: I hate Edith. Edith is the one who should get hit by a car.

Mom: Mary sucks! Mary sucks way more than Edith.

Dad: No. Bates should kill Edith. Edith is the worst. Even worse than Carson.

Mom: How can you not like Carson? He’s Carson!

Dad: He has a stick up his ass.  Just like Grantham.

Mom: I think Thomas has AIDS

Dad: I was going to say that but I am trying not to be inappropriate.

Mom: I hope Cora has an affair.

Me: Can both of you BE QUIET??? We’re trying to watch!

Later in the evening, when I tell my mother that I’m not as enamored of this season as I’d hoped to be, she tells me it’s because I’m not “picking up on the nuances.” Well of course not. I can’t hear them.

(Which remind me, same time next week guys?)

What do you all think of this season?

PS: Before I forget, I’m going to switching to self hosting my blog soon.  I’m not sure what this means except that it will eventually look way cooler than it does now and that I might lose a few of you as I make switch.  I’m still researching whether or not my subscription list will carry over, but just in case it doesn’t, you can like my writer page on Facebook for updates on new posts.



10 Responses to “Downton Abbey: The Price of Good Wine”

  1. Amanda

    I looked into self-hosting (decided against it) – there are plug ins you can install that will carry over your blog and blog subscription list. I think Jetpack is one of them. But don’t ask me how it works 🙂

    • Kat Richter

      Good to know! I think I’m gonna go ahead and pay the “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress to do it for me. It’s less than $200 and given that I’m a tech phobe, I think it will be well worth it.

  2. Landlord No Longer

    For the record, I did not say, “sucks.” I frequently utter that other word, but something about “sucks” is irritating to me, although I have been know to say it, I did not on this occasion 😉 Learn how to listen and appreciate the nuances, within the noise (tune out), I learned that from parenting 😉 I’m just cracking myself up!

  3. Mary Lynn

    i want to watch downton abbey with your parents. Might make the season more exciting

  4. Grace @ Cultural Life

    I think Downton Abbey is past its best. It was entertaining to watch (I’ve already seen the whole of the latest season, as I am in the UK) but they just keep dragging it on and on.

    • Kat Richter

      Oh yeah? Cool 🙂 (Not cool for the end of Downton but cool for the new series. I’m already looking forward to the costumes!!!)


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