Second Time’s a Charm?

Today I am making an offer on my dream house. Well, my almost-dream house. The kitchen is basically non-existent. And there is wood paneling. And weird embossed sheet rock that looks like wall paper but is actually sheet rock. And hideous baby blue carpet. And flower stickers stuck to the wall of one bedroom. But everything else is awesome.

It's basically like this. Minus the pool. And the balconies.  And the windows. And the three stories.

It’s basically like this. Minus the pool. And the balconies. And the windows. And the three stories.

This will make offer #2. Offer #1 was a bit ambitious. And by ambitious, I mean a full on 3+ month renovation involving proper construction crews (as opposed to me and my dad, some paint rollers and the occasional expert to run the wiring).

It seemed like a good idea over happy hour cocktails (as do most things) and when my dad said, “It will be just like that movie you like, Under the Tuscan Sun” I was sold.

Then I realized the odds of me ending up with hot European men hanging out in my backyard/bedroom were rather slim (as were the chances of me completing a renovation project of that magnitude before the school year starts up again).

Hence House #2.

So cross your fingers for me. I need some serious good luck today.

7 Responses to “Second Time’s a Charm?”

  1. Jennie Saia

    I’m sending the Good Fairy your way! I’m currently selling my house and hoping so much to find the “perfect” one to rent for the next three years… I hope you get this place and fall utterly in love with it as you give it a makeover. 🙂


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