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How to Watch House of Cards

If you watch House of Cards, you’ll understand.  And if you live with your parents, you’ll definitely understand.  If you do both (watch House of Cards AND live with your parents) well, God help you.  It’s enough to make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

To my mother’s credit, I would have never discovered House of Cards if not for her recommendation.  Nor Downton Abbey, nor Glee, nor Drop Dead Diva but the niceties stop here.

My parents, you see, don’t get how to watch House of Cards.  Netflix dropped the entire second season at one for a reason: you’re supposed to WATCH IT.

In anticipation of the drop, I re-watched the entire first season over the summer.  I missed a lot the first time around—I always miss a lot when it comes to political thrillers, or historical dramas, or anything beyond romantic comedy come to think of it—but this is my problem.  I didn’t subject anyone else to watching the same episode three times in a row.

I also re-watched the final four episodes a week for the second season came out to make sure I was up to speed.

Neither of my parents, however, had such forethought.

Thus, they spent the entire first episode of the second season asking, “Wait, who is he?  Where did she come from?  What happened to so and so?”

After doing my best to explain (Russo is dead! Zoe is now sleeping with Lucas… yes his name is Lucas not Linus…), I finally suggested that they re-watch the final episodes of the final season in order to reacquaint themselves with the Underwoods, thinking this would speed up the process.  But no.  My dad always falls asleep when he’s watching TV so he keeps missing the ending and my mom refuses to watch unless she can give the show her full attention (which is never these days).

I’ve been trying wait for them.  We don’t actually see each very much anymore, and things are pretty stressful in the Richter household, but I finally reached a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve been ready to go since August.  It’s not my fault they didn’t prepare.  (Or break up with their boyfriends; you have a lot more time for this sort of thing when you’re single…)

So I left my parents in the dust.  As in I have now finished Season 2. Sorry, guys.

11 Responses to “How to Watch House of Cards”

  1. omtatjuan

    I was watching the Walking Dead but then at some point you have to ask yourself, “How many more zombies are there…”

  2. becky119

    lol…your parents sound SO much like my parents it’s crazy. I used to wonder what caused my parents to fall asleep while watching movies/TV shows all the time. Then I grew up a bit and now I’m the one falling asleep. Womp womp.

    Still haven’t checked out Downton Abbey or House of Cards — seems like I’m missing out. Maybe I should stop binge-watching Chopped. 😉

  3. Landlord

    Brat 😉 I SAVOR good shows, because the next season isn’t until who knows when, and then while you are in withdrawal, I will be watching the next episode, and then the next…Downton Abbey came and went so quickly this season…cripes! already have to wait for that again…


  4. casespace

    lol I love this show. I too watched with my mom, but I got her to watch the first and second season. So she’s up on what’s going on now. We talk about it regularly. The family that Netflix-s together. Haha.


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