Writing left handed

Notes from the Dressing Room

I blame The Lady Hoofers.  Whenever I don’t post, it’s because of my tap company (or my anthropology students, or House of Cards, or Downton Abbey, but mainly it’s because of The Lady Hoofers).  Last weekend, you see, I co-produced (and co-directed and co-choreographed and co-danced, if there is such a thing) another show.  This means that I’ve spent the past few weeks flipping out and the past few days recovering.

I’m glad to report that aside from one quiet and lonely moment in the dressing room, when I realized this was my first time producing a show without my personal Zen machine (aka my now ex-boyfriend) to keep me calm, I was fine.

Better than fine, actually.

Not in an obnoxious, f*ck you, Gloria Gaynor sense of the word (I’m more sorry than mad, and more nostalgic than sad at this point) but rather in the sense that all of the ridiculous self-help tricks I’ve been trying seem to be working.

It probably didn’t hurt that there were fifteen dancers sharing one dressing room (and that quiet and lonely contemplative moments are hard to come by in such conditions).

Here a few pictures until I can think of something interesting to write about.

Dressing Room

My superb organization of the dressing roomFeet

Tap and Bharatanatym 🙂

Kat and Katie

Me and my Right Hand (Wo)man

Painted Bride

The whole company outside of the theater

Sexy look

I think I was trying to do some sort of “sexy look…”

I’ll be sure to post some real photos (aka the professional ones) once they’re ready to go.  In the meantime, have a good weekend!

2 Responses to “Notes from the Dressing Room”

  1. M

    I’m both envious and inspired by how you’re handling your breakup. On another note, I must say I LOVE your hair!

    • Kat Richter

      Thanks 🙂 Although I should confess that I don’t generally write about part of handling the breakup– there have been plenty of less-than-stellar moments, but overall I’m trying to just keep moving forward.


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