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My 2014 Hit List

I like sleeping.  A lot.  Hence the reason I want to murder people who wake me up earlier than I intend to wake up.

For the past few months, TWD has been at the top of my hit list.  He gets up early—so early that it’s still dark out.  I understand that this is a perfectly normal thing for a fairly large percentage of the gainfully employed population but it is not normal for me.  And while he’s very good about setting his clothes out the night before, he’s not actually very good at waking up.

He hits snooze.

A lot.

Sometimes two or three times.  It’s bad enough when he’s using his cell phone (which plays a nice little love song in Spanish) but when he uses the actual alarm clock, well, I start to feel a tad bit murderous.


Fortunately for TWD, however, he is no longer at the top of my hit list.

He’s been replaced, you see, by mother.  And my grandmother.   And my grandfather.

Most of the time, I don’t mind living under the same roof as five other adults.  But when I am woken up by the sound of my mother yelling at my grandparents to stop yelling at each other?  Then I mind.

My grandfather doesn’t understand how Alzheimer’s works.  He expects my grandmother to “get better” and can’t comprehend the fact that degenerative diseases don’t work that way.  So he yells at her and she yells at him and then my mom comes downstairs and yells at everyone to get back to their corners.

It’s delightful.

The obvious solution would be to move out.  And I’m working on it.  But now that I’m applying to go back to school for my PhD, I won’t know until the end of March where I should be moving out to.

Admission to School A would mean staying in Philadelphia.

But admission to School B or C would mean moving out of Philadelphia.  Said move out of Philadelphia might or might not also mean moving in with TWD, who is also planning to buy a new house (in part so that he won’t have to get up while it’s still dark out in order to get to work on time).

There is also the chance that I won’t get in anywhere, in which case I’ll have to make some difficult decisions, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

In the meantime, I think an investment in some heavy duty earplugs is in order.  (Either that or a good lawyer for when my latent homicidal tendencies come to fruition.)

7 Responses to “My 2014 Hit List”

  1. Landlord

    Not if my homicidal tendencies emerge first…he actually, intellectually, understands Alzheimer’s, he just doesn’t care…he thinks his control freak tendencies will “train” her into some normal routine (aka Stepford wife), which never worked BEFORE she got the disease, I can actually see his mind working, he really thinks that now he can have everything the exact way he wants it, every thing in it’s place, no extra “stuff” around to make it a home, (God forbid) and that she’ll tell him about her day at the center, so he can assess if it is “worth” it ($$) or not, never mind that she gets agitated when she can’t go, “it’s not making her any better” Really dad?? who claimed it would? SHE likes it and enjoys her time there. PERIOD.,…ARGH Perhaps he thinks he knows more than all of the doctor’s who study this disease 😉

    Okay, just realized this isn’t MY blog post 🙂 Oh, I’m just so hilarious…nice to see you blogging again!

  2. becky119

    It’s kind of the opposite for us…I hit the snooze far too often. Plus, I refuse to walk around the bed, so every time I need to turn off the alarm, he gets crawled over. And sometimes it is more of a sluggish slither where I may or may not land on his leg/arm/foot/side (etc). And my cell phone alarm? An old fashioned car horn (arrugaa, arrugaa!) So, there are worse bedroom companions.

    BTW, I also flail about when I sleep and inadvertently punch him sometimes. Oops. 😉

    • landlord

      Ha, ha chauffeur does that to me, he brings his arms up behind his head (while sleeping) so his elbows are out like wings, and if I roll over I get an elbow in the eye….argh…

    • Kat Richter

      This would explain why TWD just texted me to say he was downloading an old fashioned car horn alarm for his phone, LOL! We at least manage to sleep on appropriate sides of the bed to avoid the sluggish slither.

  3. Heather

    like you I am murderous if woken out of sleep. Dear Hubby doesn’t sleep much at all. I have taken to sleeping with earplugs (cut to half size) and an eyemask for when he wants to watch TV in bed. Best decision I ever made, as sanity has returned.

    • Kat Richter

      Hmmm… I might have to try that! Although he’s pretty good about watching TV in the living room and not in bed if I’m trying to sleep.


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