It Might Be Time to WALK

On the way home from my semi-annual jog this morning, I couldn’t help but notice ELEVEN cars in line at the Dunkin Donuts drive through.  Call me crazy, but if you’re an able bodied individual under the age of, say, 65, and there are ELEVEN cars in front of you, don’t you think it might be time to park your f*cking car and burn a few pre-emptive Munchkin calories by, you know, walking a few steps?

Dunkin Donuts drive through

Granted, I had just finished jogging an entire two miles (Rio, here I come!) so I was feeling rather self-righteous in the fitness department. (Two miles plus a half song of crunches I might add and yes, “a half song” is a valid unit of measurement.)

But still, is it really that difficult to walk?

It was gorgeous out, and I’m pretty sure that it takes way more songs to wait in the drive through line than it does to park, walk inside and place your order.  Plus, by going inside you can ensure that you get the very best of the donuts by pointing to the ones you want.  (Not that there are any “best” donuts as a far as I’m concerned; I’m a Krispy Kreme gal myself.)


12 Responses to “It Might Be Time to WALK”

  1. aka gringita

    I don’t eat donuts, but last time I had to pick them up for the office, I bypassed the ridiculous drive-up line to go inside (thinking, like you, it MUST be faster) and discovered that the line inside was even longer, I hadn’t even thought that was possible. It’s bad when you can feel yourself aging in line, for something you don’t even want.

    Yay You with the semi-annual jogging though. 🙂

  2. Zak

    Ever see the people that – and hopefully you’re not one of them – drive around parking lots several times trying to get a front spot? Even on a good day, it’s much faster to park in the middle or back of a row and hoof it the extra 10 spaces. I never understood that.

    Or ordering a Whopper/Big Mac, large fries and diet coke. But hey, who am I to judge?

    • Kat Richter

      LOL- I know, I almost always park far away in parking lots (mainly because I am such a fan of pull-through spots though).

  3. Kathryn Craft

    Yet…I recently learned these coffee places do NOT work like McDonald’s, where your theory of expedition would work. If you are in a hurry, sit in your car and stay in line—many coffee places serve the drive-through FIRST and make those standing inside wait. Leave it to the folks who make a living off of caffeine to know how to serve someone in a rush, lol.

  4. Becky

    Drive throughs are definitely adding to the epidemic of fatties in America. I try to avoid doughnuts myself because they taste too good. Yogurt with granola tastes just fine until I eat a doughnut.
    One of my biggest pet peeves though is escalators. I used to think they were the greatest thing when I was a kid. I loved the idea of going up and down the escalators. Then I was going on vacation with my whole family, including my older brother and his wife. Brandon and Amanda both got on the escalator and then walked the rest of the way up. I hadn’t ever seen that before. Brandon then said, it drives me crazy that people think escalators are just for standing on. Mind blown.
    I take the train into work and there are a few spots where there are escalators. There will be a huge line for the escalator and no line for the stairs. I take the stairs even if I’m wearing painful shoes. Why? Because I’m that impatient and I can justify the occasional ice cream if I take the stairs everywhere. But there is this one spot that I don’t know where the stairs are, so I have to take the escalator. I start fuming if I’m forced to stand because people don’t grasp the concept of stand on the right, go up on the left.
    Who knows, maybe I’m just a bit too high strung. Either way, I know what you mean. Oh, and krispy kreams are awesome.

    • Jennie Saia

      I feel the exact same way about the moving walkways at airports. I’m a bit high strung too… but if everyone followed the rule, the slowbies could be content to stand *and* the racers could avoid stress-induced heart attacks, and airports would be slightly less miserable places!

      • Kat Richter

        I am so with you both on elevators (and I’m a speed walker on those airport walkways). I’ve been taking the train a lot lately from Market East and ALWAYS get stuck behind someone on the escalator… someone who would benefit from walking a flight or two. I feel guilty for being so judgmental but sometimes I just want to say, “MOVE, PLEASE! For my sake AND yours.”

  5. omtatjuan

    And no one knows why Americans are obese and dropping dead of heart attacks… I was addicted to those sweet round blobs of pure enjoyment.

  6. todreamtolovetolive

    I absolutely love this! It’s so true. I’m from Australia and I used to work at McDonald’s. We tried not to work on serving the drive thru first, however when there is a timer involved some employees are super competitive and do it anyway. We always tried to keep it fair and serve whichever order came up first. Our store was one of two in the state that served McCafe through drive thru and I would love it when we would get people to park and they would come in and yell because the people who came inside to order were getting their coffee first. Well excuse me, they came inside and ordered first instead of waiting in a line of ten cars.

  7. todreamtolovetolive

    Reblogged this on Why is this my life? and commented:
    I’m a health nerd. Not in the sense that I love healthy food. I love facts about health. I love facts about obesity. I love fitness. I love different work outs. I might not love them before I do them, but afterwards I’m always super happy. I love being fit and healthy and being happy with my body.
    I feel that this poses a problem, as I also love America and I do love some bad food. So when I read this article by Kat Richter and the comments posted to it, I was in heaven. A story about fast food in America? Yes please. (Yes, Super Size Me is one of my favourite movies).
    I totally agree though; it really isn’t that hard to park your car and walk. In Australia, we have smaller parking lots so it’s less to walk and if there is no parking in the car park, there is always more extremely close by. I personally like going into the counter as it’s easier to read the menu and it’s easier to check that they have put the right food in your bag.
    Drive thru is making people lazier. How hard is it to walk ten metres inside? I’m one of those people who takes the stairs whenever I can.
    While we all know that fast food is making people obese in many countries around the world, it doesn’t stop people from eating it. It’s cheap, accessible and you don’t even have to leave your car.
    My mum (a total health nut) once even suggested that they cut drive through and make you stand on a scale before ordering, just to show you how heavy you are. While this would be classed as discriminatory and a process like this would never happen, it would be interesting to see. As all fast food places in Australia now display the kilojoule content, I usually try to pick something with lower kilojoules, however as previously working at McDonald’s, I know that people who order a large double quarter pounder meal with bacon and a chocolate shake do not care.
    The weight debate is obviously a highly sensitive issue and as we know, some weight is attributed to illnesses such as a Thyroid dysfunction. My own Thyroid has previously been underactive meaning that gaining weight is as easy as eating lettuce. So being susceptible to Thyroid diseases, maybe that does make me more weight conscious. As Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. I used to beg to differ on this quote (Rocklea Road Chocolate? KFC Popcorn Chicken?) But when you eat healthy, you feel amazing. I’m not stick thin, I’m a healthy weight with junk in my trunk. But I’m a size that I’m happy with and the occasional cheat day tastes great but it doesn’t make me want to go back to my old eating habits.
    If I do end up moving to America one day, I’ll have to be sure to keep up my good eating, because let’s face it, I could eat In-N-Out Burger every day!


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