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A Little Square Box

Santa’s Christmas Eve gifts for the whole family…

Santa's Christmas Eve gifts for the whole family...

Santa’s Christmas Eve gifts for the whole family…

I’ve never had a boyfriend spend Christmas Eve before (perhaps because I’ve always ended my relationships just before the holidays) but now that I have, I’m never going back.

Boyfriends make Christmas way more fun.

They help with your grandmother when she passes out in church holding a lit candle.  (Not sure if it was the wine she drank with dinner or the effects of standing through three verses of Silent Night but either way, she nearly lit the sanctuary on fire.)

They provide a welcome respite from family drama.  (And with Tech Support home for the holidays and just starting to comprehend what living with our grandparents entails, there’s no shortage of drama.)

They help carry presents, they help take photos and if you’re very, very lucky, they even bring tears to your eyes on Christmas morning when they present you with a small square box.

(Pause for dramatic effect…)




My very own house key!  TWD also made me a pair of customized Game of Thrones pajamas.  I was a little worried when he mentioned that one of my Christmas presents was going to involve iron-on transfer paper (crafting isn’t exactly his forte…) but he worked very hard on it and I was tickled pink with the results.  Well done, TWD 🙂

And on that note, it’s time to put away presents and return to the real world in which I’m showered and out of my pajamas by 10:00am…

5 Responses to “A Little Square Box”

  1. Landlord

    I agree, TWD was good to have around, he helped to keep me from going cracker dog as well. And bonus points, he is very patient with the Abuelos. Enjoyed our sake last night too…

  2. becky119

    Honestly, I don’t know how I survived so many years, so many holidays, without having Adam around. He helps keep me sane.
    I got two little boxes from Adam this year, beautiful earrings and an emerald ring I’ve had my eye on. 🙂
    Also, my mom got us dance lessons!! Very exciting!


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