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I May Be Dying of The Plague But…

A few months ago, my partner-in-crime and I had the brilliant idea to expand our little act into a full blown company.  The Lady Hoofers held auditions in October, our first rehearsal in November and our first performance yesterday.

I was so stressed out on Saturday night that I could barely sleep.  It’s one thing to perform; it’s quite another to orchestrate an entire performance: the floor, the sound system, the promotional materials, the dancers, the costumes, the program order and so on and so forth.

But I should have known.  We’ve got some truly amazing ladies on board now and between our dancers and our roadies (parents, best friends, husbands and boyfriends) the show went off without a hitch.

We performed five sets over the course of four hours.  My knees aren’t very happy with me right now and I’m pretty sure I’m now dying of the plague but I consider these things a small price to pay in exchange for the following:

The Lady HoofersShim ShamSIlent Ladies

You can follow The Lady Hoofers on Twitter @TheLadyHoofers or like us on Facebook for a clip from yesterday’s performance.

9 Responses to “I May Be Dying of The Plague But…”

    • Kat Richter

      This particular performance was in partnership with The Food Trust; they have permission from the city to hold a weekly farmer’s market and they invited us to perform. The market is really old though (18th century) and the floor is really uneven so we had to lay out a bunch of yoga mats underneath to try to level it out 🙂

    • Kat Richter

      It’s okay, I don’t think it was you, I think it was just being outside in the damp air for so long. But I can already feel my echinacea tea doing wonders 🙂

  1. Landlord

    @cookie, the venue was part of the Farmer’s Mkt and they were invited to perform by the people who run these mkts throughout the city. They were entertainment for the shoppers.

  2. Wilma

    Brava! Brava! If you ever want to take your show on the road, Seattle has lots of farmers markets. 🙂 But then you’d be dancing in the rain, and that’s a whole different thing entirely.


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