Writing left handed

Big Bird, You’re Safe!

All I can say is THANK GOD! Thank God and the following:

I’m also proud to report that I “accidentally” spilled my coffee while voting yesterday, thereby erasing the sidewalk chalk advertising dedicated to he-whom-shall-not-be-named.

The Wedding Date told me that people have a right to express their opinions but I told him that I have the right to spill my coffee.

Fortunately, we’re both thrilled with the outcome of yesterday’s election. Here’s hoping that Obama will take off the gloves this time around and get this country back on track!

11 Responses to “Big Bird, You’re Safe!”

  1. Katie

    Woohoo! My favorite status updates from one of my friends: “I’m not one to post about politics on facebook (or post on facebook at all), but I must say that I have a warm and fuzzy feeling after last night. Not just about the presidential election, but about the referendum questions as well. On a whole, people rejected bigotry, exclusion, paternalistic “values” and hate; and they voted for love, acceptance, inclusiveness and equality. Today is a good day to be an American.”

  2. becky119

    When I went to bed last night Obama was behind in electoral votes and I started feeling sick. Then I woke up and thought I misread the results. I was so happy. I told Ranger and he was clearly very happy too. Either that or he was just excited to see me, but you never really know with dogs. 🙂
    I’m really glad that we’re not going back in time on women’s rights. Thank you Obama!!!

  3. A.S.

    Listen, I generally enjoy you blog, I really do… And I’m not even a Romney supporter. But I have to say, you are kind of ridiculous when it comes to politics. Everyone has a right to their own opinion without being chastised or degraded. Kat, come on. Ignorance is not a good look on anyone. Don’t think that your opinion is so right that it’s okay to trash the opposing side.

  4. Landlord

    Listened to a lot of talk radio this am as I drove to move Abuela in for the last time…he has so many good ideas and I’m just hoping the people who are moderate on the right will work with their representatives to support these initiatives and give them a chance to grow. Although I heard one young woman say (who is a rep party person here in PA), “No way, we gotta throw some punches before we can work with him.” Sigh…but we can do what we do best, “hope” and yes the referendums are fabulous!!!!! Legal marijuana and two states that VOTED for same sex marriage–as Abuela would say, “wowee” 🙂


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