A Case of Multiple Indianas

Indiana JonesEvidently, when you’re celebrating Halloween at an archaeology museum, Indiana Jones is a rather popular costume choice.  The Wedding Date and I spent all after working on our outfits (he even helped me blow dry the glitter paint I decided to add to my Marion Ravenwood shirt at the last minute) only to discover that we were one of five Indiana/Marion couples.

In fact, the Indianas outnumbered the mummies!

Personally, I think our costumes were the best (especially seeing as we’d spent less than $10 a piece on them) but we’ve already started scheming for next year.

In the meantime, Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving the city of Philadelphia more or less just how she found it.  We had a minor tree accident in the backyard but the rain has finally stopped and The Wedding Date has finally headed back to New Jersey (I’m more excited about the former than the latter).

For today’s amusement, check out my latest for HotDateIdeas: 10 Worst First Date Ideas.

8 Responses to “A Case of Multiple Indianas”

    • Kat Richter

      I try to give TWD the chance to keep a low profile (although I did have a picture of his arm while blow drying the paint on my shirt but I somehow mis-filed it after uploading and have no idea where it went 😦 )

  1. Zak

    How many Darwins? Better yet, how many Arthur as Darwin and Trisha McMillion as Trillion couples were there?

  2. landlord

    We were Medusa and Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy refugee…go figure. But guess who won $50 in internet credit and 2 free in room movies? (we did not win because of our costumes, but at a rafffle, but winnning is winning, LOL)


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