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A Rock Obama

Because I get a kick out of trying to turn my preschoolers into “global citizens” at the tender age of three, we have a world map posted in the dance studio and every once in a while, I’ll trade Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes for a little civics lesson.

“Where do we live?” I asked a few months ago.

“Earth!” one of my particularly astute three year olds shouted.

I’d been going for “Philadelphia,” or perhaps the “United State of America,” but I had to concede that she was in fact correct.

“Very good,” I replied.  “We do live on earth.  But can anyone tell me what country we live in?”

“A-rock Obama!” was their unanimous response.

“Good guess!  But Barack Obama is the president of our country.  Can anyone tell me the name of our country?”

After several well-intended but incorrect responses (Philadelphia, North Philly and “the ocean”), I finally cupped my hand to my ear, thereby signaling a temporary suspension of our usual “raise your hand” rule, and prompted “The United States of…???”



It took me a second but then I remembered that whenever I’m cupping my hand to my ear, I’m usually trying to get my little beach balls to remember what their ears (and various other body parts) are used for.

“Not the United States of Hearing,” I replied.  “The United States of America!  Now let’s all say that together: The United States of AMERICA!”

A few days later, I decided to try again:

What’s the name of our city?

A-rock Obama!

No, friends.  That’s the name of our president.  Now, what’s the name of our country?

A-rock Obama!

No, friends.  That’s the name of our president.  Now can we try to say it correctly this time? 

A-rock Obama!

Oh well.  At least they’ll know who to vote for when the time comes.

(As for the gaming weekend: just wait.  More on that later…)

14 Responses to “A Rock Obama”

  1. Zak

    “Oh well. At least they’ll know who to vote for when the time comes.”


    I’m surprised how they know his name yet not the US or USA or whatever variant.

    How about, “and where does Barack Obama live?”

  2. Jack

    Might you explain the “A-rock” part to your friends over the water? Where does that part fit into his name, surely either “Barack” or “President”.

    Also I while I dread to say it, it looks like you have brainwashed kids on your hands, as in saying what they’ve been taught to say, rather then thinking for themselves using independent thought :S. “United States of Hearing” indeed ;).

    • Kat Richter

      Well, they are only three… I think “brainwashed” might be a little strong (seeing as I was inadvertently miming!) “A-Rock” = 3 year old pronunciation of “Barack”

      • Jack

        Oh yes, very cute :D. Yes, I know over-emphasised it just a bit ;).

        So, next task, teach them to say “Ralph Nader” :P.

  3. Lost in France

    Should have just been happy with the Earth as the answer. She was obviously a true Global citizen. Which has to be the way forward.

    • Kat Richter

      Totally– maybe I’ll suggest it to him (should he choose to pursue a career in the hip hop industry when he gets tired of the whole being president thing)


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