Writing left handed

Bagels, M&Ms and W(h)ine

It’s been one of those days, by which I mean I’ve spent the past 18 hours or so drowning my sorrows in carbohydrates and whining to The Wedding Date about This Week’s Crisis (which unfortunately has to do with The School so I can’t very well whine about it on the internet).

In any event, it’s picture day again.  You know: the day when I post a picture of me looking dimwitted somewhere else for a change and hope that my former travel buddies don’t get too angry at me when I confess that yes, actually, some of the things that happened on that trip could have gone a bit… better.

So here you go.  First one to guess gets a prize (which will probably amount to nothing more than a shout out this week because although I’d fully intended to sort something out– something cool–  This Week’s Crisis happened and I decided to top off my carb-fest with wine and M&Ms and now I have a splitting headache.)

Lucky me.

Which is a hint.

Actually, on second though, not really.  I’m mixing up my countries again.

Where is Kat?

11 Responses to “Bagels, M&Ms and W(h)ine”

  1. siobhan

    I think this is in Scotland. Because it looks a bit like Ireland but you said it wasn’t about lucky me (Luck of the irish reference?). Specific guess: is it near arthur’s seat in Edinburgh? Vague guess: It is in front of a mountain where tour buses sometimes drive. 🙂

  2. The Prof

    The pose is very Sounds of Music, but it certainbly is not the Austrian Alps. Green as Ireland certainly, but probably not. Not quite desolate enough for the Yorshire Moors, which I imagine you would have visited because of Wuthering Heights…. Give up!

    • Kat Richter

      Haha– that’s my default pose 🙂 Never actually made it to the Moors but I did love WH so maybe I’ll add it to my list…

  3. Lost in France

    somewhere with hills and grass, that really narrows down the options.

    Simply because no one else has mentioned it yet, I’m guessing lake district. I know there i no lake in view and it is not raining, but apart from that it sure does look like it.


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