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Easy Valentine’s Gifts for the Jane Austen Lover

Yesterday I wrote about my college boyfriend (who bought me the complete works of Jane Austen for Valentine’s Day) and my current beau, The Wedding Date (who bought me a Jane Austen necklace for Christmas instead).

As noted, the complete works don’t make for a very good gift if your significant other already has the complete works (unless it’s some sort of special collector’s edition, which is a totally different story, but frankly I’d still prefer jewelry).

I never realized just how much Jane Austen merchandise exists nowadays, but there’s tons of it, so I’ve compiled a list of the highlights (including Darcy pajamas… for men!) in order to help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Janeite in your life.

(You can click on the picture for quick and easy online shopping.)

Pemberley tote bag

Don't worry if you don't know what Pemberley is; chances are, your girlfriend does.

ipad case Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice iPad case; this is enough to make me want an iPad

barouche bumper sticker

Barouche Bumper Sticker

Darcy mousepad

The "Wet Darcy" Mousepad (almost as good as Colin Firth!)

Austen License Plate

It's good to dream...

funny austen jewelry

Mansfield Park bracelet: "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of."

Jane Austen necklace

For all the "bad boy" fans out there...

Jane Austen pocketbook

The official Jane Austen "smart girl" purse

Men's Jane Austen pajamas

And finally... a little something for the men! I'm pretty sure these will increase your chances of getting laid by about 99%.

16 Responses to “Easy Valentine’s Gifts for the Jane Austen Lover”

  1. Zak

    So, what works for the Jazzercise-addicted girlfriend?

    I wish I had those pajamas when I was still married. Maybe it would’ve stopped her from being depressed all th time…. doubt it…

      • Pratibha

        Very sorry for my irnngaoce, Roy, I thought you would not read so many romances as I used to. Mr Bennett, you played! That’s one of the best images of a father I’ve ever read.A great piece of art can be appreciated with different levels and angles. Maybe when I read Jane Austen’s novels again, I will have some new experience of seeing a more profound side. Do you know a good film production of the Pride and Prejudice? I haven’t found a very satisfying Elizabeth yet but many good Mr and Mrs Bennett.

    • Zak

      I do. But Ms. D has a few things going for her (and thus against me):
      -she now holds a corporate position, in addition to her teaching 3-4 classes a week during the school year (9-10 during summers!)
      -she buys her pants and other gear (non-branded stuff) at LuLu Lemon, which is apparently some expensive and great place for women to shop (???)
      -she has 15+ years worth of Jazzercise “stuff,” from recyclable grocery bags to license plate surrounds, water bottles to key chains. No joke.
      -she knows what she likes, I don’t

      Site note: every song that comes on (almost every song…) Ms. D says, “that’s a Jazzercise song,” which I still find cute.

      • Kat Richter

        Ask her to demonstrate the routine to “Yeah” by Usher 🙂 I STILL remember the chorus from my Jazzercize days (I never taught but I took class occasionally with my mom in high school.)

      • Landlord

        yeah, lulu is expensive, hence the Richter women never shop there 😉

        good luck!

  2. aka gringita

    Note to single ladies: Do NOT buy YOURSELF the Mansfield Park bracelet: “A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” It will scare off men, who’ll think you’re seriously just golddigging.
    You know, unless you ARE, and you’re owning it. Then, hey, go for it. At least it will be truth in advertising. 😉

    I love these, Kat! Thanks for sharing…

  3. The Prof

    Just bought the last (I think!) P.D James: “Death comes to Pemberley” the back cover says ‘in a pitch-perfect recreation of the world of Pride and Prejudice…. ‘
    Maybe you need to review this Kat!

      • Shaunquel

        You never puelld an all-nighter in college in order to finish homework but you did pull an all-nighter to finish that long fabulous fanfic you were reading at the Derbyshire Writers Guild You did a paper in grad school on regency period culture, and then couldn’t get past the first half of the new P&P because of your annoyance at Kiera’s hair You actually know which adaptations P&P0, P&P1, P&P2, and P&P3 refer to. In addition, you have the problem of constantly wanting to refer to the 1995 miniseries as P&P2 to people WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS and thus end up having to edit your facebook status.

  4. Rajib

    Whilst all of these stories sound fatsantic, I must admit that I am looking forward to reading “A Night at Northanger,” by Lauren Willig, “Mr. Bennet Meets His Match,” by Amanda Grange, and “Jane Austen, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!,” by Janet Mullany. I know Willig will impart the same wit and intrigue into this short story as she does her Pink Carnation story. In addition, the combination of the Beatles and Jane Austen sound like something from my dreams! I am really looking forward to this book. xx


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