Feliz Something-Or-Other

It’s funny what a difference a year can make.  This time last year, I was smashing candy canes with a vengeance for my annual foray into holiday-chocolate making because I was so frustrated by Date #17 and his workaholic tendencies.  This year, however, there was very little to be angry about—not with The Wedding Date sitting across from me at the kitchen counter asking “How can I help?”

It’s Christmas Eve and for the first time in a very long time, I won’t be spending the evening feeling sorry for myself.  True, I’ve recently undergone my annual holiday break up (it wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t breaking up with someone) but I’ll be seeing The Wedding Date in exactly one week and between now and then, I have FIVE WHOLE DAYS off.  It’s a Christmas miracle.

Speaking of Christmas miracles, my presents are all wrapped and ready to go.  I am hours ahead of schedule.  Usually I wait until the last minute and by then, Landlord and Chauffer have used up all the good wrapping supplies and I’m left with the ugly tissue paper, swearing like a sailor while I’m supposed to be getting into the holiday spirit.

Not this year.  This year I’m on the ball.

My only concern is that I sent The Wedding Date a Christmas card earlier this week and I decided to write it in Spanish.  Not the whole thing, mind you—that would’ve taken way too long—but just part of it (the “Merry Christmas” part of it) because he sometimes talks to me in Spanish and its pretty damn sexy.

I have a funny feeling, however, that I accidentally wrote “Feliz Cumpleanos” instead of “Feliz Navidad.”  I also suspect that I made the same mistake on the cards I wrote for Thursday night’s faculty party because after sending The Wedding Date’s card, I got on this upside down exclamation mark kick and decided to write all of my cards in Spanish but I can’t actually remember writing “Navidad” on any of them so I think I’ve just wished everyone, including The Wedding Date, a very happy birthday.


Oh well… it’s the thought that counts, right?

On that note, I’m going to leave you with last year’s official holiday photo because I need to start preparing (mentally) for tomorrow’s Very Hibachi Christmas con los abuelos…  oh boy!

Family Holiday Photo

Merry Christmas from Tech Support, Landlord, Chauffeur and Me!

15 Responses to “Feliz Something-Or-Other”

  1. Jill

    Well, it is Someone’s birthday. Merry, Merry, and thank you for the gift of your smart and sassy writing all year.

  2. Landlord

    Wait until tonight to find out what this year’s photo will look like…LOL, Santa is doing the happy wiggle dance 😉

  3. Lost in France

    Well it was Jesus’s birthday at least. I would go for that.

    How come you are the only one wearing a hat.
    Or perhaps that is a star behind you.

  4. lexy3587

    “Happy Birthday!” the first thing frosty says when he comes alive 🙂
    oooor… ‘Happy Birthday’… of jesus.

  5. Zak

    Merry Christmas, Kat. I can’t believe how quickly time flies, and now every time you mention “last year,” it seems like it was only last month. Wow.

  6. Katie

    Your family is hilarious. Love them every day, and have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  7. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Happy Whatever Kat! I love the pic and can’t wait to see this year’s!

    Thanks for keeping me entertained all year! Sooooo glad this holiday season seems to be going darn well for you so far!!! I’m so excited for new updates!

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