Beaujolais or Bachata?

It’s four o’clock in the afternoon.  The Wedding Date and I are seated on the couch in his living room and despite the fact that our third date is going rather well, I find myself in a bit of a pickle.

This is because there is a bottle of perfectly good, just-opened Beaujolais on the counter in his kitchen.  I know this because I selected it myself, purchased it myself and opened it myself, with the intent of celebrating the completion of our first successful hike with something a wee bit classier than my usual Two-Buck-Chuck from Trader Joe’s (which is actually Three-Buck-Chuck now, but I digress).

Considering The Wedding Date’s reaction to the cookies with which I’d attempted to contaminate his living room only moments earlier, I’m pretty sure I can guess his reaction to the introduction of red wine.

And it will be nothing less than Shakespearian.  (“Out damn spot!” or “Get thee to a nunnery!” or something along those lines.)

So I have a choice: I can either continue canoodling with The Wedding Date or I can call for a time out—a wine time out— so that we can return to the kitchen and finish our Beaujolais.

It’s a tough call.  I love Beaujolais, mainly because it has an unusual name and I feel cool saying it, but I’m also really enjoying the fact that The Wedding Date and I have progressed beyond the goodnight kiss.

Also, the music doesn’t help.

We’re listening to Pandora and The Wedding Date has set it to the bachata station, which, I believe, is actually called the “I’ve got a lady friend in my apartment and I intend to seduce her” station.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the art of seduction via Latin dance, bachata is essentially salsa’s slower, sexier cousin.)

I am no match for bachata and even though The Wedding Date assures me he didn’t select this channel “on purpose” I’m pretty sure he knows how much I love bachata (probably because I spent the majority of our first date dropping subtle hints, i.e. “OMG!  Bachata is the sexiest dance EVER!!!”)

Needless to say, we never make it to the movies and the majority of the Beaujolais is remains untouched on The Wedding Date’s pristine kitchen counter.

13 Responses to “Beaujolais or Bachata?”

  1. petitepaumee

    You do know today is the day when ‘beaujoulais nouveau’ arrives in Beaujolais, and in Lyon?? Basically, big party in town and lots of nice free alcohol! Good timing for this post 🙂

  2. Katie

    Sometimes — rarely, but every now-and-then, there are things more important than wine.

    And my sister-in-law ended up marrying a guy who was super OCD about his house. It took some adjustment, but they are both still very happy. 🙂

  3. Landlord

    Yeah for the ‘beaujoulais nouveau’, as we just picked up a couple of cases of TJ’s 3 Buck Chuck variety as it just came in for the holidays as well. May not be as good as what petitepaumee is drinking but not bad…

    Is it me, or does Kat sound happy? Hmmm…or she’s just a damn good writer, as she did have us all a twitter when she told the boating story w/ Date #7. Sheesh, I wish I didn’t just remember that now~

  4. awindram

    Shouldn’t have taken the opportunity presented by those Living Social and State Farm Pandora ads to grab the Beaujolais.

  5. Lost in France

    an you bachata on the couch?
    I’m sure you can bachata without spilling the Beaujolais, so it is probably best you do not have both activities in the same location

  6. Casey

    I really like this guy. I think it’s definitely the Latin thing though, because, as you know–I’m partial. And I’m quite well aware of the sexiness that is the Bachata. Although I always wind up with the creepy guys at the salsa club.


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