Single is NOT a Good Look for the Fall

You know what?  I would like a boyfriend.

It’s cold.  People aren’t meant to be alone when it’s cold.  People are meant to share hot chocolates and snuggle beneath a single blanket and argue over who’s feet are colder.  People are meant to spend their weekends hand in hand, crunching crisp leaves underfoot… not going to peace rallies on their own.

Happy Couple in the Leaves

See? Don't they look happy? Also a little drugged perhaps, but mainly happy.

Not that I didn’t enjoy Saturday’s rally at Independence Mall or the march to City Hall that followed; I just wish I hadn’t had to go by myself.  I did run into a friend of mine (as opposed to a friend of my mother’s, which is rare for me in a city where the majority of my social life is still comprised of either dating or hanging on my parents’ coattails) but she had to leave early.

Nonetheless, I stayed.  And I marched.  And I carried a little pink sign bearing the same message as the FCNL sticker on my lap top: War is not the answer.

I then sat in solidarity with the Occupiers at City Hall until I could no longer ignore the Macy’s gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket.

(What can I say… sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.)

In my unending quest to stop be so damn afraid of sexy lingerie, I took the escalators straight up to the third floor and headed to the “Intimates” department.  My intent was simply browse, but then I thought to myself, “What the hell?”

I spend my evenings either A) collapsing into bed too tired to do anything or B) curling up with a paperback, a cup of tea and the friendlier of my parents’ dogs (although even he leaves me when someone better comes along).

It’s high time I forgo quantity for quality and if I’m gonna start indulging in co-ed sleepovers again, I’m gonna need some new accessories.

I grabbed three pieces ranging from tasteful to tacky and headed into the fitting room.  One coupon, one gift card and one legitimate accessory later (I ask you: how is a girl supposed to pass up a bright red cloche when its 25% off?) I was the proud new owner of a hat and a… well… you know.

Granted, I still haven’t worn the last unmentionable I purchased but it’s like the old saying goes: if you build it, they will come.

(Or so I’m telling myself.)

Now, before I wrap up for a today, some quick housekeeping: I’ve been working on some really great posts for this week but both Date #7 and The Wedding Date are reading my blog—regularly—and given the potential for misunderstandings, hurt feelings, inflated egos and a whole host of unfortunate things I’d rather not deal with, I’m going to hold off on saying anything about either of them for the next… well, 24 hours at least.

Wish me luck.

12 Responses to “Single is NOT a Good Look for the Fall”

  1. Katie

    So where can I order my “Team Wedding Date” t-shirt? 😉 (Sorry #7, but standing a girl up? Really?)

      • Kat Richter

        You two are bad! I’m gonna have to revoke your commenting privileges (j/k, I would never actually do that!) I am intrigued by the t-shirt idea… lol!

  2. sarahnsh

    Yup, totally would sport the wedding date T, I’m a rooting for that side too! Also, love the idea of if I have the nice underwear, they will come. I already have my guy so now instead of the nice stuff I get the free panties from Victoria Secret… they are still really cute though. 😉

  3. Rachel

    I’m not ready to jump on the Wedding Date band wagon yet – It’s just too early to tell. But WD does have a lot of things going for him. I applaud your bravado at previously writing about both WD and Date #7 knowing that you are still going to a wedding with Date #7. The things you do for your public!! Unless you are trying to get him to uninvite you, in which case, this is brilliant strategy. I gave him the benefit of the doubt on many things but standing you up because the cell phone was dead is just lazy. I hope your wedding date, not to be confused with Wedding Date, is not too awkward.

  4. Philly Tap Teaser

    Macy’s is MY spot! We must go soon! I love stalking their sales and combining a good sale with one of their killer coupons – unreal! In fact, their recent shoe sale + coupon landed me a 75% off pair of shoes! Actually, I probably should visit their lingerie department with you for inspiration. The last time I bought an “incidental” of that variety was probably circa 2002? So sad!

  5. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Love the picture! I wonder what you serached for to find it 🙂 “Autumn.. not meant to be alone.. happiness… sharing single blankets” should have done it!

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