Writing left handed

The Hillbilly Serenade

This post was supposed to be about last night’s dinner with Date #6 but you know me: why limit yourself to dating one man over a 24 hour period when you could instead date four?  Unfortunately, quadruple headers don’t leave much time for blogging so you’ll have to accept the following photographs as proof that my date with the men of A Ride to the End was absolutely the funnest date ever.

(Did I seriously just say “funnest?”  Christ.  I need some coffee.)

Anyway: here goes.

Yes, that’s a bike.  With a banjo.  And a “surfboard” on the back…

Grindcore, everyone’s favorite vegan coffee shop

Ummm…what the heck?

A rather sweet surprise

Another rather sweet surprise: my very first hillbilly serenade (after which the laptop, banjo and mandolin suddenly made sense)! (Thanks, J and J 🙂 )

Heart attack on a plate– check out the stratigraphy on this thing!

More to come.

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