Butterflies: The Extra Special 4:00am Edition

insomia cartoonWell, guess who’s up at 4:00am this morning?

And while we’re on the subject:

Guess who’s not coming to my show?

Then, guess who is coming to my show?

And finally, for extra special bonus points, guess who went to the official Fringe Festival Bar last night, danced and drank her *ss off after a four-hour rehearsal and will subsequently be returning to The School for today’s Open House and New Student Orientation with a hangover and a serious case of butterflies in her stomach?

That would be me.

You’ll have to guess on the others.

And yes, I know that “guess” is technically a command and not a question and therefore doesn’t actually require a question mark (you should have seen my co-producer and I arguing over the merits of the Oxford comment during the final proofread of Thursday’s program) but it’s 4:00am; is grammar what’s really important here?


Not at all.

And on that note, I’m off to rustle up some coffee.

PS: Have you voted for Philadelphia’s Most Valuable Blogger today?  If not, please vote for me; all it takes is one quick click; three days till the end of the contest, blah blah blah…

3 Responses to “Butterflies: The Extra Special 4:00am Edition”

  1. Zak

    4AM: You.
    Not coming: date #7.
    Is coming: date #4, #17 or Man from Marshalls (was he date #17?)
    Drank her ass off: you. I may have read your answer, though.

  2. Lost in France

    Coffee at 4 am So I guess that sleep is being cancelled altogether.

    The only one I could work out was you, and then you give us the answer to that one.

    Not Coming: Sadly that is me, in fact I suppose we can name about 6 billion people not coming, but perhaps you are expecting a bit more specific. I am going to disagree with Zak, probably a bad move. But I think date #7 is going to make it. But then that is tricky who is not going to make it. Not a clue dates #1 to #50 except #7


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