One Outta Six Ain’t Bad…

Does this look familiar?


No?  Well, these were the rules that I attempted to follow over the course of my Great Date Experiment, as explained in my latest for Skirt! magazine.

Too bad I submitted the piece several months ago (before I realized that writing about Date #7 probably isn’t the best way to go about dating Date #7…) but what’s one more chink in the armor?


12 Responses to “One Outta Six Ain’t Bad…”

  1. hannahkarena

    I just read your article and LOVED it! Thanks for posting the link. I’ve never heard of before and have a story I’m submitting right this very second :]

    • Kat Richter

      Good for you, Hannah! I first read about skirt! earlier this year and was thrilled when they published my first piece back in April– good luck! (Presumably you read the submissions guidelines where they late out each month’s “theme”? If not, be sure to check it out!)

      • hannahkarena

        I saw the themes, but apparently that’s only for print submissions (unless I read it wrong?). I spent two hours today with my sister shaving down a 2,000+ word essay to 1,500-words for the e-essay submission category. There was just no way I could shave down another 400 words for the maximum (1,100) print submission word count.

        I’ll have to backtrack and read your previous essay!

        • Kat Richter

          That is correct, the monthly themes are just for the print magazine. And words are incredibly difficult to get rid of, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. Emilie

    lol… I also had the “no kissing on a first date” and I remember when I decided to make that rule for myself way back in high school (age 15) due to a no-good guy back then. Since then I’ve broken that rule twice, which both times it turned out to be a disaster and it reminded me on to why I’ve decided this rule back then and I am defiantly sticking to that one 🙂 . Good luck on your dating experiment, hope everything turns out good!!

    • Zak

      I had a rule of – when I was doing online dating – attempting to hold hands or kiss or something “clear” by the second or third date. I figured if it took longer, she wasn’t interested.

      Just remember that guys are playing by a whole different set of rules, and while you may view that as he’s trying to get in my pants, we view it as she’s obviously NOT interested unless

      • Kat Richter

        Hmmm… and suddenly my usual Sunday-night quandary of “What the hell am I going to write about for tomorrow?” has been solved. Thanks 🙂

      • Emilie

        Zak – I am quite aware that guys have a different set of rules and I am fine with that. However the majority of girls that have the “no kissing of first date” rule will only be for the first date. Kissing or holding hands on the second or third date is ok.

        • Zak

          Well, I guess what I didn’t say is:
          two times I distinctly remember kissing a girl on the first date led to the following:
          -two years of dating, an engagement and three more months before things fell apart
          -dating, engagement, marriage and then about two years before things fell apart

          So, if you kiss on the first date (and you’re me), you can assume you have two (ish) years of happiness before things fall apart. But at least kissing on the first date isn’t so bad, right?

  3. Lost in France

    The article is excellently written and discrete to the end. Well done

  4. Zak

    Well, since I’ve reread the list and I feel they’re aimed at “First Date Rules,” I’m going to stick to that theme (for me).

    My rules are then, as follows:
    -No picking her up on a first date. If she can’t get to your agreed upon meeting spot, probably best to rethink the relationship now.
    -Open her door. If she doesn’t say thank you, you’re in trouble. If she says, I can get my own door, bail now.
    -Pay, but don’t go anywhere too expensive. Also, don’t go to multiple places unless they’re right next to one another.
    -No more than two drinks. More than that, she’s probably just freeloading.
    -Nothing longer than an hour (or two, if you’re really into her).
    -Tell her you’ll call her, if you mean it. Tell her you had a nice time, whether or not you mean it.


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