Of Hurricanes and Hipsters

Tracking IreneI should be in a hot tub overlooking the Chesapeake right now.  But like President Obama, I too have cut my vacation short in order to prepare for the onslaught of Hurricane Irene.  So far, I’ve closed a few windows and had a chai latte.  I also spent five hours “evacuating” from the Eastern Shore yesterday and helped a neighbor navigate his sail boat from one slip in the marina to another, from which it will be hoisted out of the river for safe keeping.

I was supposed to spend an entire week relaxing before the start of the school year (which happens to coincide with the debut of Too Darn Hot, the all-women, all-tap revue I’m co-producing for the Philly Fringe) but after three and a half days in the middle of nowhere, I discovered that I’m not all that good at relaxing.

Even with a hot tub and my parent’s liquor cabinet at my disposal.

So I’m back in Philadelphia, for better or worse, and since I’m up early, I figured I’d beat the hipsters to my favorite vegan coffee shop, Grindcore House.  I’m not vegan, but Grindcore’s whole wheat everything bagels with sundried tomato cream cheese are to die for.  Of course I’m attempting to lose five pounds before the show (yeah right) so I had a healthy breakfast before leaving the house and am drinking my chai latte in lieu of a bagel (because frothy lattes are totally the thing to drink when you’re counting calories).

So far, I’ve only spotted two hipsters.  I hate hipsters in coffee shops almost as much as I hate Queen Village brats in coffee shops.  They order one drink for five people, annex as many tables as possible and sit around talking anarchy and unemployment all afternoon.

Fortunately, they’re not known for being early risers (probably all the PBR they drank the night before…) and I’ve beaten them to the table by the window.

Take that!

And on that note, I’m going to attempt to cultivate a neighborly disposition in light of the fact that half the Eastern seaboard is being evacuated.

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9 Responses to “Of Hurricanes and Hipsters”

  1. sarahnsh

    Last time I went to a coffee shop (Starbucks, for a mocha frap) there was a group of, not hipsters, but bikers, who weren’t drinking anything and were hogging all the tables outside. I didn’t mind though because the guys were in those tight little bike shorts. Nice. 😀

  2. chauffeur

    Thanks for battening down the hatches and all that goes along with that for us all on Hoopers Isl. Glad you are safe in Philly.

  3. Zak

    I grew up in south Florida, so hurricanes never bothered me. In fact, you know how I immediately know you’re not from south Florida? You called her Hurricane Irene. Down here, it’s just Irene.

    Funny thing is, in Jacksonville, very few hurricanes actually strike. Apparently I ended up in a place that you can just wave as they go by.

  4. Pat Amsden

    Up in Victoria, BC we consider snow in January to be an affront. I have no idea what we’d do if we ever got hit with a hurricane. I know I once bought a mug for a co-worker with gorgeous red shoes on it saying click your heels and imagine yourself in Kansas but I don’t think that would really help.


    PS: I have voted best blog twice for you but are you supposed to vote only once or as many times as possible?

    • Kat Richter

      Yeah, they keep saying Irene is headed for New England, which seems pretty crazy in and of itself! You can vote for my blog as many times as possible– it’s a quantity as opposed to quality sort of thing 🙂

  5. casespace

    I love anything sun-dried tomato-y. It’s got me interested in that bagel right now. Plus, I didn’t eat breakfast before work this morning. My sister and I always get a laugh out spotting hipsters in their “hipster uniforms,” which come in many colors but are invariably the same.


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