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Much Ado About Nothing… and Date #7

suitcaseI kind of forgot to mention that the weekend came and went with nary a word from Date #7.  Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t mind—okay, I wouldn’t mind a lot—but these are not ordinary circumstances.  I’m driving six hours across the state on Saturday to visit this man and it’s been nearly a week since we’ve spoken!

I spent all morning in a funk, wondering if I should cancel my trip or tell him to fuck off or some combination thereof (methinks a simple “I’m looking forward to seeing you” on his part would not have been unwarranted) but then I remembered my goal for my weekend in Pittsburgh and that goal is to simply have fun.

No melodramatics.

No worrying over the state of our relationship of lack thereof.

No demanding to know “where we’re at” or when we’ll see each other next, just lots and lots of laughter because amusement of this sort was conspicuously absent during our first meeting and laughter, I’ve finally realized, is very important to me.

Nonetheless, Date #7 runs rather hot and cold and the lack of consistency drives me crazy.  I decided that if I didn’t hear from him by the end of the day I’d cut him off.  Cancel my trip.  Stop being such a drip.  (And yes, my infatuation with Date #7 has turned me into a drip.  If I was one of my girlfriends, I’d slap myself upside the head and shout, “Get a grip!  He’s obviously just not that into you!”  I’ve never actually done this—to myself or to one of my girlfriends—but desperate times call for desperate measures.)

Fortunately I got an email well before the end of the day, asking me to confirm my estimated time of arrival and departure so that he could plan our itinerary accordingly.

I was floored.

An itinerary?

An actual itinerary?

I hadn’t realized this word was part of his vocabulary (j/k, No. 7) and when he told me he’s planning “multiple outdoor activities” I was tickled pink.  (This is in part because about a week ago, I decided to try a new experiment, whereby I communicated my desires for our weekend together clearly and effectively, ie. “Hey, Date #7, I’d really like to go hiking when I come to visit,” as opposed to expecting the man in question to simply divine my expectations—and it worked.  Imagine that.)

So we’re back from the brink.  For now.  Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of Kat’s Dating Drama, in which we’ll discuss such riveting developments as “Will he or won’t he call me on my birthday?” and “Which bathing suit should I bring to Pittsburgh?”  (Evidently our outdoor activities are going to include something “water based.”)  Plus, I’ll be announcing the winners of the Stickiest Situation Sweepstakes so get prepared for some truly embarrassing stories!  (Thankfully, for once they’re not mine…)

5 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing… and Date #7”

    • Landlord

      I second this! If I could figure out how to make this a SUPER LARGE FONT, it would say this loudly: “TAKE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS, A WEEKEND AWAY, DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT WITH A NEW FRIEND…AND LEAVE THE DRAMA IN PHILLY” you deserve a drama-free, fringe-free, choreography-free weekend 😉

  1. Kate

    Oh the torment! I know exactly what you are going through! And it’s so hard to not be dramatic about it… no matter how logically or rationally you view the situation! I hope you enjoy the weekend in Pittsburgh and it’s drama-free!


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