The Family that Plays Together…

As every professional dancer knows, cross training is of the utmost importance.  This is why I take advantage of every possible opportunity to play mini golf.

Fortunately, I come from a long line of mini golf champions.





Tech support:

Tech Support

Now I know what you’re all thinking.  You’re thinking “Mini golf is not a sport!  Mini golf doesn’t count as cross training!”

Well, I beg to differ.

Mini golf requires dexterity:

Mom and Pop


Tech Support and Kat

It works out those upper body muscles if you do it correctly:

mini golf

And if you manage to sneak up the “Rocky steps” while the attendants not looking, you can get a great cardio workout too.

Mini golf

Last but not least, mini golf is strenuous.  And strenuous activities require proper hydration:

Mini golf

Think that’s just Gatorade in those bottles?  Think again 🙂

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4 Responses to “The Family that Plays Together…”

  1. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Love the photo of your family. I have never seen such a father-son, mother-daughter resemblance without any sign of crossover. Maybe you have your father’s toes or your brother has yoru mother’s ears? Hard to tell.. 🙂

  2. Lost in France

    What a great family shot. Really kind of you to share it with us all.

    A fantastic looking crazy golf course. The one I take my kids to has dinosaurs that squirt water at you, we love to play.

    the most important thing about training is it should be fun, that sure looks the case here

  3. Landlord

    Tech Support has Landlord’s eyes and bone structure, Kat has chauffeur’s height and bone structure, and Tech Support and Landlord have similar temperaments, as do Kat/Chauffeur. Other than that…we just share DNA 🙂

    The mini golf course consists of buildings/landmarks in historic Philadelphia, so no dinosaurs and other fun squirty things, hence the adult “sippy cups”. But it is a pretty golf course, we like the squirty ones too, though.


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