Sparks Will Fly– or Fall off the Face of the Rock Wall

Rock climbing on the wall of Voiron, Auvergne ...

Yeah, right.

Pursuant to everyone’s comments yesterday (the vast majority of them at least), I’ve decided to allow myself a third date with My 50th.  The only problem is it’s supposed to rain today so we’ve canned the idea of a trek through Valley Forge National Park and now he wants to go to an indoor rock gym instead.

Theoretically speaking, I’m all for rock climbing.  In fact, I like rock climbing in the same way that I like snowboarding: the outfits are cool, the accessories are cool and a date at the rock gym would give me the perfect opportunity to show off my new Kleen Kanteen from the Earth Store on South Street.  (It’s bright pink and as such, matches the majority of my “active wear” tops).

Unfortunately, I’m about as skilled at rock climbing as I am at snowboarding, which is to say not very skilled at all.  (Perhaps if I had spent less time planning my snowboarding outfits during high school and more time, you know, actually snowboarding, this would not be the case… but I digress.)

My 50th Date is rather outdoorsy, which is one of the things I like most about him (if I go out with another man who can’t handle the thought of camping, I will shoot myself), but there’s a fine line between Sufficiently Outdoorsy and He’s-Going-to-Make-Me-Look-Like-a-Total-Spaz-In-Comparison.

I don’t want to look like a total spaz.  Not yet.  It’s only a third date and in my humble opinion, activities that will reveal major flaws in either party (ie. my lack of upper body strength) should be avoided until at least a 5th date.  (Also, I know for a fact that my butt will not look good in a rock climbing harness.  Could those things be any less flattering?)

The way I see it, if we make it to that oh-so-crucial fifth date, My 50th will be so entranced by my charm and intellect that he won’t mind the fact that I absolutely suck at rock climbing.  In fact, he may even find it endearing at that point.

Until then, however, I’m going to insist that we go bowling instead.  (So much for personal growth.)

6 Responses to “Sparks Will Fly– or Fall off the Face of the Rock Wall”

  1. Kathryn Craft

    Kat: It’s a date, not a competition! Moving toward a relationship, not an endurance event! Some guys would like to show you that they’re good at something, or at the very least, game to try something new. They might like to share their expertise, and help you out if you’re having problems. They may want to see how you handle yourself when confronted with the new–that’s a super good way to get to know someone. Just make sure that when it’s your turn to suggest a date, you turn the tables, so you have the same opportunity to similarly assess the way he handles himself. And rock climbing is a heck of a lot better date than a movie. At least he’s active! Relax and have fun!!!

  2. girlinblues

    This was clever! Because he’s your 50th date, he knows you write a blog. And because you can’t really tell him all that, you write it here where he’ll read it and know what you’re thinking. Clever, clever, clever.

    Let us know where you went.

    • Kat Richter

      Hah! Good point– except I’ve been at the gym for the past hour and the whole time I was on the elliptical I was thinking how much respect I have for guys who are willing to accompany me dancing even though they can’t dance… Then I read Kathryn’s comment and realized she’s right: I don’t have to be the best at EVERYTHING! Maybe rock climbing will give the chance to try out that whole damsel in distress thing 🙂

  3. Landlord

    You looking bad in the harness?…PUH-lease. This guy sounds like he has real potential, it turned out nice today too, so after the rock climbing maybe a trek w/picnic lunch? @Kathryn Craft, DITTO!!! Kat needs a reality check once in a while, and I love it when it doesn’t come from me 😉

  4. Jennifer Avventura

    Rock climbing is an awesome sport. I used to climb a few years ago. Practice at home balancing on your tippy-toes, you are a dancer, I think you can do this. When you climb remember to use your leg muscles to move you up the wall (try doing some squats at home, go all the way down and up again without using your arms or chair, use muscle. this is what it will be like on the wall/rock. Don’t try to use your arms to pull you up, this won’t work. Use you leg and bum muscles.) Remember balance, you should only be using your fingertips to hold your balance, slightly. Make sure you chalk your fingers up good. Wear comfy capris if your not comfortable about your butt in a harness. But remember you get to look at his when it’s his turn.
    Have fun. Can’t wait to read about this date.


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