A Case of Renegade Socks

It’s time for another double header, but this time I’m not talking about dating.  I’m talking about dancing—or rather the teaching of dancing.  I have dress rehearsals, year-end recitals, regional competitions and parent/teacher conferences today, tomorrow and every day next week.

This means that I am spending the majority of my time lecture my students on proper footwear.  You know: tap shoes that actually accompany them to their various rehearsals and performances (four offenders in the past 48 hours), tap shoes that don’t fall off when they’re dancing (I’m armed with black electrical tape this time), and finally tap shoes that match their costumes and the shoes of their classmates (I’m off to Home Depot for black spray paint as soon as I finish this post).

Ideally said tap shoes should also have—you know—metal taps affixed to the toe and heels of each foot but I am learning to choose my battles because right now my biggest concern is socks.

That’s right: socks.

In the world of show business, socks should not be worn unless the choreographer specifically requests socks.  I have not specifically requested socks.  In fact, I have specifically forbidden socks but that hasn’t stopped my students from hitting the stage in hosiery of every color, pattern and fluorescent variety.

We’re talking stripes and polka dots with black pants, neon blue with pin striped capris, and (my personal favorite) athletic socks worn beneath a pair of tights.

What we’re you thinking?  I find myself asking time and time again.

So far, I’ve been told:

1)      Oops.  I didn’t realize I was wearing them. (Really?)

2)      It was an artistic CHOICE.  (REALLY?)

3)      Socks? Who’s wearing socks? I don’t see any socks.  (Don’t even get me started.)

Nonetheless, the crafting continues and my troublesome teenagers will receive the following tonight because when they’re not busy driving me crazy, they’re actually kind of cool:


3 Responses to “A Case of Renegade Socks”

  1. mairedubhtx

    I would never have thought that socks would be such a big issue with tap shoes. Who has ever seen a tap dancer, except maybe Fred Astaire, with socks? How bizarre.

  2. becky119

    “So far, I’ve been told:

    1) Oops. I didn’t realize I was wearing them. (Really?)

    2) It was an artistic CHOICE. (REALLY?)

    3) Socks? Who’s wearing socks? I don’t see any socks. (Don’t even get me started.)”



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