Gettin’ Crafty

Crafty LadyAmazing what a morning off and a mocha chai latte can do for one’s mental state.  I am feeling better.  Zen even, despite the fact that I have my first official photo shoot this morning, a dress rehearsal for two of my classes this evening and just a few days left to come up with a catchy yet appropriately artsy 50-word description for the show I’m co-producing  for the Fringe this fall.

You’d think 50 words would be way easier than the 500 or so I pen every day for this blog but here’s where you (and I) are wrong.  It’s not.  Writing 50 words is way HARDER than writing 500 and as most of you know, brevity is not exactly my strongest suit.

Nonetheless, I’m confident that it will come together—it has to, and so it will.

Furthermore, as I just emailed my co-producer:

I’m here 🙂 Left 2 hours early b/c I had to come up this way for my kids’ competition last weekend and the traffic was horrible but this morning was smooth sailing. Am parked right in front of Brian’s studio and will be chillin in the coffee shop till its time. I made red sequiny things for our hair because I am childless, husbandless and have no life, lol 🙂

So yeah, I woke up at 6:00am this morning, not to enjoy breakfast in bed with my non-existent boyfriend and not to, well, you know—that other thing that boyfriends are good for—but rather to glue gun five feet of red sequins to another five feet of floral wire and I’m so pleased with the result that I think I might spend the rest of the afternoon repeating the process for my Friday night tappers.

(And you thought I had no life—pfft!)

2 Responses to “Gettin’ Crafty”

  1. prialalilights

    Oh, that´s nothing. I spent Friday night hanging out at home complaining about how every guy I like is either taken, or a total ass. Saturday, I did the same except this time it was to new people and now Sunday, big mothers day, I´ve been so silly with my own non exsisting love life, that I forgot to plan something decent for my mother.
    That´s what I call, not having a life. 🙂


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