You Know You Live With Your Parents When…

The other day I noticed a new library book on the coffee table.  It belonged to my mother and bore the title “How to Raise Your Adult Children: Because Big Kids Have Even Bigger Problems.”


Well now.

Could it be that I…?


Obviously my brother was to blame.  (My brother is always to blame, just ask me and I will tell you.)  Because I am the perfect tenant.  I pay my rent on time, I do the dishes almost every day and I’ve gotten way better about my weekly vacuuming duties.  I still leave my shoes/scarves/sweatshirts in the living room on occasion (okay, daily) but the point is, it takes maturity to move back in with one’s parents.

Especially my parents.

It’s all about sharing, or at least being polite about not sharing:

It’s about taking ownership of your responsibilities and your leftovers, especially when they’re stored in a recycled yogurt container:

You have to respect the property of others, or at the very least wait until they’re not looking to raid the cabinets:

(For this next one, I should explain that we call our dad “Spop” in the Richter household and no, I don’t know why.)

And finally, you need to know where your mother hides her dark chocolate.  (It’s at the base of the wine rack, in case you were wondering, right below the Cab Sav.)

So obviously the library book about raising your “adult” children has something to do with my brother.  Or maybe my dad, because as you can see, I’m getting along just fine.

19 Responses to “You Know You Live With Your Parents When…”

  1. petitepaumee

    Hilarious… love it! PS. Do you think your mom’s book includes instructions on how to adultchild-proof dark chocolate bars?? 😉

  2. The prof

    Having gone to 100% cocoa chocolate means that NOBODY in my household is interested in eating it!

    • Jill

      Whew. 100% is hardcore. I hit a wall at 93%, but fortunately left the rest of my family in the dust at 72.

  3. chauffeur

    Living with ones parents has its perks,
    As your landlord is still in good shape and rather hip, living at home gives you a wardrobe twice as large.
    Rent includes taxi services on occasion and car use complete with free biodiesel, insurance paid, and an EZ pass.
    Your Spop often does the dishes when you are busy and overworked,… they would pile up if you lived alone. Just don’t eat his almonds.

  4. Brazilian

    This was very enjoyable. The problem is that now we know where the stash is, also!!! Your mom better find another hiding place.

  5. Rachel

    Your family seems so precious. I’m sure that book was for your brother too! 🙂

  6. Landlord

    For the record, (although days late getting into the game) you know I have always been a proactive parent, and thought this book might help me navigate any tricky roads in the future. In actuality, our family looks pretty good, both of you have jobs, pay rent for your abodes, and are doing things you enjoy. So, the book is going back to the library unfinished, as it really dealt w/ freeloaders and/or enabling parental styles.

    So, both of you are off the hook, kudos to you~

    And Brazilian, you can probably have some chocolate, as I’m sure you don’t scarf it down like some people we know 😉

  7. Lost in France

    Now that is just a fantastic insight in to your family.

    They in fact seem amazingly well adjusted. Not sure I would be able to go back to living with my parents or in fact have them reading my blog.


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