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A Piece of Turkish (Afternoon) Delight

Over the weekend I received an envelope containing a check.  “Great!” I thought, “At least I’m getting paid for my final column.”  But the check wasn’t from AOL.  It was from Skirt! Magazine.

A year and a half ago, my parents took me on a cruise as a graduation gift.  I later decided to try my hand at travel writing but somehow my first attempt turned out to be less about Turkey and more about the man I met in Turkey.  (This, I’m sure, comes as a complete shock).

Burying the file deep within the depths of my flash drive, I resolved to be more serious in the future.  But I kept the essay, just in case, because you never know when some editor somewhere might decide that yes, actually she’d love to run a piece about an afternoon liaison on the Adriatic…

Moral of the story?  I read that Skirt! Magazine was looking for “scrumptious” personal essays for its April issue and sent my little “failed attempt” to the editor.  (For all of you aspiring writers out there, Skirt! is a great place to build your clips.  The editors focus on a different theme every month and they actually pay— both decently and promptly).

A few weeks later I had a reply, a contract, and a check.  If only it was that easy all the time!

So if you haven’t already read my essay, “Turkish Delight,” you should do so now.

(And if you have, thanks!  Now click on the link again and “like” it on Facebook so your friends can read it too.)

To further entice you, I’ve included a few photographs from my trip to Turkey.  Enjoy!  And yes, in case you didn’t hear, I’m launching a BRAND NEW BLOG tomorrow (which is why, admittedly, today’s post is a bit of a cop out).

What’s this BRAND NEW BLOG about?  Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…

6 Responses to “A Piece of Turkish (Afternoon) Delight”

  1. Zak

    A new blog, a new blog!?!

    Wow, I have even more reason to avoid doing work now! Hot damn!

  2. abercroc

    You’re not abandoning this one, are you? I read it every day during lunch at work! When I first discovered you I actually only pretended to work for my entire 8-hour shift and read this blog from start to finish!


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