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My Three O’Clock (The Double Header Continues)

I’m nearly to the front gate of the Philadelphia Zoo when I get a text from my three o’clock: he’s running late.

This is not good.  Double headers only work if all of the players stick to the schedule and seeing as I’m trying to squeeze in not one but two dates before heading over to University City for a tap class with my students, there is no room for error.

But I decide to play it cool.  He is coming from Wilmington after all (which is an entire state away for all of you international readers) and he’s been considerate enough to tell me he’s late before he’s actually late.  Plus, this gives me time to scope out the gift shop (as a creative movement teacher, I am always looking for new ways to blow my entire paycheck on children’s books).

I stroll through the children’s section, then through the clearance section and finally I head back towards the gate to read about the history of “America’s first zoo.”

Being a proper Philadelphian, I’ve never been to the zoo (only tourists and schoolchildren go to the zoo).  I read all about the zoo’s founding, it’s centennial, it’s role in America’s centennial during Philadelphia’s Centennial International Exhibition and then, because my three o’clock still hasn’t arrived, I read it all again.


I guess she wanted to match the zebras?

I’d be pissed if not for the fact that A) I like history, B) I manage to snap a photo of a woman sporting the most ridiculous zoo-footwear I’ve ever encountered (see right), and C) I’m already dating two guys in one day.  The way I see it, one loses the right to insist that her dates show up on time when she’s scheduling them back-to-back.

My date finally show’s up at 3:30 (a full half an hour late!) but he apologizes profusely, sweeps me towards the ticket booth and promptly purchases two tickets with his credit card and his military ID.

So yeah, it’s my first date with a man-in-uniform.  Obviously he’s not in uniform at this very moment (he’s finished with his tour) but I’m still not quite sure what to expect.

I know that most girls love a man-in-uniform but I’ve never really shared this particular fixation.  This is probably because I’m a pacifist and think guns are about as sexy as a Tupperware of spoiled tuna fish (plus the Navy boys I met during a weekend trip to Annapolis as an undergrad were completely obnoxious) but I’m trying to keep an open mind—after all, he could have written me off for being a “tree hugger” just as easily as I could have written him off for not being one.  And he hasn’t, at least not yet.

So we start with the usual small talk, I pause every feet to take photographs for my students (I’m planning an entire week of “zoo animal dances”) and before I know it, we’re in the primate house trying to figure out what the monkeys are thinking as they sit there picking mites from one another’s tails.

“Look at the poor guy in the middle all by himself,” I lament.  “He doesn’t have anyone to play with.”

“Nah,” my date assures me.  “He’s probably the ‘Emo’ kid.  I bet he’s up there writing dark poetry as we speak.”

It occurs to me that this would be a good time to address the subject of writing—specifically that of my blog.

“So,” I venture, “I write this blog.”

“I know,” he interrupts with a smile.  “I Googled you.”


Well then.

As far as I’m concerned, this is enough disclosure for a first date.  But then he flashes me another smile and asks, “So, what number am I?”

Oh gawd.


“I’ll have to consult my spreadsheet” I stammer, trying to buy myself some time with a little levity because honesty—what’s a girl supposed to say to that?

19 Responses to “My Three O’Clock (The Double Header Continues)”

  1. shreejacob

    From someone that has never had a true date (whatever that means) in her life, I actually kinda like the sound of this guy! Okay, so he researched you on Google but he’s cool with you writing about your dates AND he flashes a smile AND he let you know he’d be late before he was late AND he apologized.

    The one that made me think he’s cool was that he thought that the lone monkey was an emo kid writing dark poetry! Now that’s cool! 🙂

  2. chauffeur

    With regard to the shoes you took a pic of, I think they are perfect for the zoo. Wearing zebra print pumps is no different than wearing a Mets jersey to citi-field to see a game IMO. I ditto landlord commnets, btw.

  3. Courtney

    If it doesn’t work out with you two, send him to me (seeing as I live in Wilmington haha). 😉 Jenn’ll know how to contact me lol.

  4. Kate Ferguson Writes

    Googling you demonstrates excellent research skills. From an evolutionary persepctive, he’s a keeper. He’s both a fighter and a strategist. However, one o’clock’s wanderlust has the potential to evolve into wanderlove – what do you think?

  5. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Not a big fan of the whole ‘google your date’ thing, but way to go on the double header! Hopefully he turned out to be a nice guy (regardless of what number he is).

  6. sarahnsh

    That is too funny that he asked what number he was, and that’s good that he knows about the blog, and seems to be okay with it. I love the monkey too, he looks very emo!

  7. awindram

    Interesting to hear the reaction people have to the fact that he “googled” before a date. I often google people when I first meet them or prior to it. At this stage I think it suggests he’s more of a “Resource Investigator” on the Belbin scale rather than a cyber stalker.

  8. Zak

    I’d like to add that having experience with Navy (and other military) folk – and being involved in that world myself – there are plenty of tree-hugging liberals. Like me. And my sister’s boyfriend. So, being in the military does not mean one likes guns – although they may know how to use them and potentially have to carry them. Just sayin’.

    And I love that he asked what number. Sounds like he’s got a reasonable head on his shoulders.

  9. lifeofaphoenix

    I laughed out loud when I read that not only did he google you but he asked what number he was… Googling a date at first seems creepy but atleast he’s doing his research. He’s prepared! Being a teacher I know (as you probably do) its always better to over prepared than under… so props to him. He sounds coy and smart. Don’t under estimate the military guys. There’s some good ones out there.

  10. wordofsoia

    We approve of this one clearly – ( Or are we saying this because he is more than likely reading this post on your blog at the same time as the rest of us) . Just kidding, All he needed to do was bring you a bunch of flowers to top it off and im sure he would have made the top of your list 🙂

  11. Canti

    He googled you! I love it! It’s only creepy in the abstract … it seems creepy if someone’s googling ME, but I know I do it all the time 🙂

    Thumbs up from me 😉


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