Photo(s) of the Week: The Fine Print

Call me crazy, but if you’re the sort to requires the following:

And you look to the local bargain basement for all your “Identigene” needs:

Do you think you’re really going to take the time to read the fine print?

Furthermore, do you really need any more cocktail-flavored, water-based lubricants?  I mean seriously, buttery nipple, strawberry margarita and cosmopolitan-flavored lube? Right next to the DIY Paternity Test?  I’m going to have to start hanging out in the bargain basement more often because the potential for blog fodder is just too good.

In the meantime, I need some help.  I’m meeting the new eHarmonizer for Chinese food tonight and we’re taking a salsa lesson afterward.  This poses a major dilemma in the footwear department because dinner in Chinatown requires completely different shoes from dancing in Old City.

To further complicate matters, he’s actually picking me up (!) so I can’t even rule out my highest heels on the basis that I’ll need to be able to, you know, actually walk.  I imagine I’ll have to walk from my front door to his car and from his car to the restaurant but aside from the whole hour-and-a-half salsa lesson, comfort won’t really be an issue (and I’ve been dancing in heels since I was nine so I’m more concerned with the walking bit than the dancing bit to be honest.)

Considering the circumstances, maybe I should forgo my usual cherry red Cuban heels for something a little more spiky?

Take a look, scroll down and vote.

The choices:

The poll:


(I’ll be checking the results of this poll at 6:oopm EST and will probably have a total fashion meltdown if left to my own devices so your votes are greatly appreciated!)

13 Responses to “Photo(s) of the Week: The Fine Print”

  1. The prof

    Also voted D, simply because I think they are fabulous but I agree with ladystou and maybe the trusted red should be the choice! I am impressed that the man is willing to go to a dance class on a first date!

  2. Zak

    Since I think I’m the only guy commenting so far… A! Because they are sexy (although all are). Just sayin’.

  3. Katie

    Voted for D – lovin’ those the best – but yes. It totally depends on what you’re wearing. The Cuban heels are a close second with the right outfit…

  4. Landlord

    Literally laughing out loud, this has got to be the silliest post yet! But who doesn’t need a little silly in their day?


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