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I Tried, Okay?

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I’ll have you do know that I did try to expand my horizons last night.  In response to the comments I received on Thursday’s post, I decided that I have every right to stick to my guns in regards to the whole taller-than-me-in-heels thing but that I might me missing on the love of my life as a result.

As such, I agreed to go out with a man who was not of Nordic god proportions.  After wading through all of the eHarmony nonsense, he asked me to meet him for a drink on Saturday night.  I accepted and asked him to “give me a shout” on Thursday or Friday to arrange the details (nothing major, just the basics like, you know, where and when).

Did he give me a shout on Thursday?  No, of course not.

Did he give me a shout on Friday?  No, of course not.

Around 9:00pm I finally sent him a text to ask if we were still on for the following evening.

“Yes!” he replied.

Well, that was helpful.

Upon comparing schedules (I wouldn’t be free till 8:00 thanks to my students’ first dance competition of the year and he had party to get to at 9:00) we decided to try for Sunday night instead.

“Have you seen The King’s Speech yet?” he asked.  “We go could go to the movies.”

Just great, I thought.  A movie date.  Everyone knows that going to the movies is a terrible first date (both eHarmony and Match.com have entire articles devoted to the subject).  A movie date is especially terrible if you have a huge crush on Colin Firth and have been known to scream things like “Colin I love you!  I want to have your babies!” at the television screen when he’s being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres.

But I was trying to keep an open mind so I suggested we pick another film.

He proposed Take Me Home Tonight and even though I’d never heard of it, I agreed.  I even went so far as to look up the local playing times (I can’t sit around being all feminine and waiting for the guy to take the lead when I’m on a deadline!) but when I texted the non-Nordic god with the details, he replied that he’d never before been to the theatre I suggested, didn’t own a car and lived all the way on the other side of the city.


I mean seriously? He didn’t even bother to suggest an alternative and while Philly’s mass transit system may suck, it does, you know, exist.

No thanks.

And so concludes my first (and possibly) only attempt to broaden my horizons.  (Actually, that’s not entirely true.  Date #4 was not taller-than-me-in-heels and as you may recall, I spent the better part of the summer enamored of him.  Speaking of which, guess who’s still on Match.com?  I’ll give you a hint: his date number was between 3 and 5 and rhymes with “tour.”)

Fortunately, I have another date already lined up for tomorrow night and this one folks… well, if our discussions of Madame Bovary are of any indication, it’s going to be epic.  Stay tuned.

10 Responses to “I Tried, Okay?”

  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Well at least you tried (now don’t do that again -) ). Can’t wait to hear about tomorrow’s date!

  2. Zak

    Ironically I just had a date today with another woman who was older than me (by more than a few years), and I’ve come to the same conclusions you have: it’s just not going to work. Superficial or shallow or whatever, no thanks!

    Stick to what makes you happy. But, just for kicks, throw in a short guy or something, it always seems to provide for a funny moment or two.

    As for the movies… the movies? Really? People should know better without having to read articles on websites. But, apparently, they don’t. Now, a drive in movie, at least, would be reasonably cool, I think. Especially if it’s a B-movie.

  3. Your Landlord

    You will ultimately win the endurance category, oh wait, spent too much time at your dance stuff this weekend, this is NOT a competition, right? Waiting with bated breath for the date report!

  4. Wink'd


    Yes. This is fantastic. I hate when a guy asks you out on a date, then sits back and tries to let you do all the planning. Defeats the purpose a bit, non?

    Hope you don’t mind, but I included a line from your Thursday post in this week’s Wink’d blog. I just thought it was great.

    Have a great day!

  5. ingeniumetpatior

    I have the same rule– they have to be taller. And at least my age or older. On these two things I will not compromise. If that makes me superficial… well then… I will wear the shoe that fits as long as it’s Prada. Curious about the next date.

  6. kbomb78

    Good Luck! I wish you well. and I did not read the previously referenced post (but I will) But my advise to you is Don’t settle you have to live with the person you choose forever and Thats a REALLY LOng Time LOL!

  7. micah

    Well, you gave it a shot, that’s worth something…. right? 😛

    Look on the bright side, you’re getting dates. Some women would die to be in your shoes. The only thing you have control over is you so keep at it. Didn’t someone say one time that 90% of success is simply showing up?

  8. mynakedbokkie

    Haha very funny! How does a man like that expect to get a decent date?
    Anyway- with regards to Date #4…. do you think he is writing a similiar blog about you?


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