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PSM1 Times 2!


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Something wonderful has happened.  I awoke Sunday morning with a splitting headache—and not just a my-sinus-infection-has-turned-into-a-proper-cold-headache (thanks to having spent every waking moment this past week amongst my snot-nosed, Tchaikovsky humming preschoolers)—but a bone fide hangover.

“Hallelujah!” I shouted.

Actually, it was something more along the lines of “What the f*ck possessed me to drink that many mojitos last night?” followed by an immediate, “Aspirin.  NOW!”

But either way I was pleased.  A Sunday morning hangover, you see, is the mark of a good Saturday night and seeing as I’ve spent the past two Saturdays alone in my kitchen smashing candy canes with a hammer and decorating sugar cookies with candied pearls and a pair of tweezers, I’ve been in dire need of a good Saturday night out.

It all began last Thursday when Philadelphia received its first dusting of snow and I received a text from PSM1.  “The roads are a mess,” he wrote, “I might be running a bit late.”

This was rather providential seeing as I was still on my way home from work and about to text him the very same.  The snow also resolved my “what to wear?” debate as even I know better than to wear heels in a snowstorm.

And so it was, in my black boots, skinny jeans and brown sweater that I trekked over to Grindcore Coffee, the new vegan place just off Dickinson Square Park.  (I had great accessories too, but on account of having found myself in Nutcracker overload, I forgot to take my usual picture for your viewing pleasure.)

To be completely honest, I was not immediately impressed with PSM1, but when he texted me the following afternoon to ask how my students had done with their show (the infamous Preschool Nutcracker Extravaganza) I said to myself, “Hmmm Self, this man actually listened to what I was saying last night.”  Perhaps because I talked of little else all evening (“My boss scheduled a fire drill for the MIDDLE of our rehearsal!  We had to stop halfway through the Waltz of the Snowflakes to send the kids upstairs to get their jackets, which really defeats the purpose of a fire drill, and a dress rehearsal for that matter.  I know fire safety is important and all but doesn’t he realize the show is in less than 24 hours???) but still, it was nice.

As such, when PSM1 asked if I’d like to do something Saturday night, I said yes.  We went to Mixto for mojitos and between the two of us, we managed to sample nearly every possible flavor.  (Note: if you’ve had a sinus infection for a week straight and have spent ten hours a day directing Nutcracker rehearsals and taping Polyspots to the stage, mojitos are NOT a good idea.  Nor would I recommend heading over to Jolly’s Dueling Piano Bar for a round of Malibu and cranberries after quitting Mixtos, especially if your date knows the bar tender and he’s rather heady handed with the rum.)

So yes, I awoke with a hangover (and then had to teach Sunday School).  But thanks to PSM1, I had what amounted to quite possibly my best Saturday night out in a very long time.  My sinus infection has gone from bad to worse (and from worse to “Someone has my head in a vice grip and I would like to just lie down and die now, please”) but I consider this a small price to pay for a night spent drinking and—you’ll never believe this—dancing with a rather pleasant man.

13 Responses to “PSM1 Times 2!”

  1. Jill

    Yay! and congrats on the Nutcracker. I bet you can’t post pix but I wouldn’t mind hearing. And, from a veteran in the sinus wars – neti pot + super salty saline with a little baking soda. Feel better.

    • Kat Richter

      Yeah, legally I can’t post photos but OMG the kids were GORGEOUS!!! On account of the fire drill, we didn’t get to run the grand finale with both classes until Friday morning just a few hours before the show. The minute all thirty kids hit the stage with their “snowflake wings,” I began to really regret having worn mascara… they were so adorable and evidently parental turnout was the highest it’s ever been. Listening to a bunch of inner city kids humming Tchaikovsky while bundling into their winter coats is pretty priceless 🙂

  2. Lyon friend

    Yay! for the date and the dancing, not for the sinus infection, of course. Sounds like a fabulous Saturday night!!

    My Saturday evening was interesting, to say the least… Spent the whole night with a rather cute nuclear physicist from Switzerland… stranded on a bench at JFK 😉

    Let’s talk now that we are on the same continent! And I hope the show went well!

  3. afishlikeme

    I agree hangovers are a sign of a good night. For the first time ever I went to work with a hangover – very painful. It was due to a few glasses of wine. I will have to try mojitos – I like that they come in a wide variety of flavours; that will give me a goal to aim for.


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