Day: October 1, 2012

voter registration

Confessions of an A-Politico: Thank You, Mitt Romney

A week ago, I received a message from my friend and former flat mate Meghan, the same one who shared her story about going official on Facebook a few months back in Crossing the Rubicon. She was all fired up—but this time it was about politics—and she asked if she could write another guest post. Obviously, I said “yes.”  Meghan’s a great writer but I’d never known her to be terribly concerned about politics.  Heck, I spent many a bus ride back from central London just trying to convince her to vote during the 2008 election.  But times have changed… and if you’re at all ambivalent about casting your vote on November 6, I hope this will change your mind. Up until about 8 hours ago, I didn’t give a damn about the presidential election. I stay as informed as possible, but I was raised by paranoid Italians who come from even more paranoid Italians – the kind that didn’t believe in banks and kept money hidden under the mattress. I was told that all …