Day: August 13, 2012

zombie card game

What The Wedding Date Got Me for My Birthday

I’ve just stepped out of the shower when The Wedding Date and his youngest arrive for the start of my birthday festivities.  When I come downstairs, I see not one, not two, but four presents carefully piled next to the dining room table. The first turns out to be a bright pink beach chair.  Having never spent much time at the beach, I’ve never bothered to purchase proper seating but the last time I went to the beach with The Wedding Date, I commandeered his chair and spent the entire ride home wondering aloud if it was late enough in the season to acquire a half-priced beach chair. No wonder he was so unsupportive of this notion. Next he presents me with a collection of short stories, then his youngest hands me a box. It looks suspiciously like a board game.  I’ve already told The Wedding Date that he’d better not get me a board game, especially as he has a habit of buying board games for his kids that he himself wants, but lo …