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Sponsorships: Sponsorships opportunities are now available!  Email Kat to discuss how a partnership with Fieldwork in Stilettos can help your company reach new audiences to achieve its goals.  Customized packages are available to expose your brand to a loyal, international fan base and stimulate effective engagement.

Speaking Engagements: As an experienced and engaging public speaker, Kat is available to speak on a variety of subjects, including travel/study abroad, social justice/activism, dance history and arts education.

Product & Book Reviews: To request a review, please send an email with the word “review” in your subject line.  For book reviews, preference will be given to women’s fiction, travel writing, memoir and books related to social justice.

Guest Posts: If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Fieldwork in Stilettos, please send a brief email to introduce yourself with a link to your blog and/or a writing sample.  Emerging and less-experienced writers are more than welcome, as long as you have a good sense of humor and something to say!

12 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Nick from Late Round

    Random Thought: Would you ever date a guy that read your blog before actually meeting you?

  2. Nick from Late Round

    Another question, this time a two parter:
    1. Would you date a guy who ONLY knows you from your blog, and wants to meet you BECAUSE of it?
    2. Does it make you feel akward when guys blatantly hit on you in the comments section of your posts (Like what happened today… twice… at least)

    Lastly, thanks for the shout out!

  3. J

    Hey. 50? Pfft. I’ve been on 250! In at least 3 dozen zip codes! One of them was actually in Philly . . . when I was living in DC. I drove up and back same night. Didn’t get a sleep over invitation as hoped for.

    I see you’re following on twitter. Shoot me an email; maybe we can cross link/promote somehow. I’m changing my homepage to wordpress as we speak to make it more user friendly. You could be a guest columnist or something. I’m going to have lots of funny parody stuff coming. Ciao.

  4. Kat Richter

    Hah! It’s only 50 since August– I’m sure I could beat your 250 (and your 3 dozen zip codes) if I sat down and really thought about it 🙂 Anyway, I will indeed be in touch– I like your site, especially the “When dey say” section. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hiromi

      Let’s see I went on blind date in Fall of 2003, was older than you by quite a few years, still with the guy, and still single. Two of my best rfiends didn’t meet their Mr. Rights until they were late 30s, early 40s; third one is still looking, in her 40s, and struggling like you are with the eDating world. Even without all the cr*p you have survived, these fabulous ladies needed to take their time. You have a right to take your time if that is what you want or need. Be true to the LADY that you are.

  5. Larry

    Re: Am I a baby killer?

    No, you’re a damn hero. You may not be Quakerly enough to buy him a cup of coffee, but next time you’re on escort duty, politely offer to read HIS pamphlet if he promises to read YOURS. Then give him a printout of the above-titled essay with a sincere “have a blessed day” or similar. Honey vs. vinegar.

  6. ForeverForward

    After reading your blog about your DNC experience and why people shouldn’t be mad at their Bernie friends anger…….. I’ve come to the conclusion we need to be friends.


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