For my 25th birthday, I decided to treat myself to three months on My intent was to date 30 men in 90 days but I soon learned that “fieldwork” can become quite addictive… especially when it involves cocktails, stilettos and a seemingly unending supply of eligible bachelors!

Click here to start at the beginning or scroll down for a few highlights.

Date #1:

The First Marathon:

Rules and How to Break Them:

New Month? New Men!:

A Dating Double Header: Dates #10 and #11:

Date #12:

Date #13:

Frequently Asked Questions about Frequent Online Dates:

Date #14:

A Quaker Serial Dater:

A Gentleman’s Guide to Wooing Women:

Date #16:

Twenty Nine Dates:

Thirtieth Time’s a Charm:

The Importance of Eating Sushi:

Sex and the Parental Abode:

10 Reasons for Ridin’ Solo:

My Continued Adventures on eHARMony:

Remember Date #7?:

The Wedding Date That Wasn’t Mine:

Of High Heels and Mudslides:

Kat Richter

6 Responses to “Manthropology”

  1. lilbrigs

    so…what would your advice be to a 20 year old girl who is only attracted to men who don’t want to be in relationships? i’ve always been incredibly independent (and sadly, I’ve found out that’s a rare thing) and have been perfectly happy being single. yet everyone else seems to think that’s odd. i won’t go on a date unless i’m completely crazy about someone.

    • Kat Richter

      Somehow I missed this comment- sorry! My advice would be to give it time. If you’re comfortable being single, then stay single. Revel in it! And if you only date men who don’t want relationships, and don’t seem all that hung up on being in a relationship yourself, maybe that’s okay for now? Who cares about what everyone else thinks. You’re the only one who matters.


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